For Those Needing More Personal Guidance And Accountability To Build Their Online Business

Online courses and training are awesome. However, sometimes people need more individual guidance along the way.

I'm creating a new level of Lab membership for those who want more personal guidance as they build up their blog and business.

Space is limited.

Sometimes, our biggest barrier to success is ourselves.

Having an experienced outside perspective can put you over the edge.

The standard Lab membership gives access to quite a bit. It includes the entire course library, the Live Workshops, the Office Hours, the Community Forum, and more. I've designed the Lab to offer as complete a solution as I can while keeping the price accessible.

But, over the last couple of years, I've noticed that some members need and want more.

Even with the support resources available in The Lab, some members still find themselves... going off the rails. Life gets in the way and things distract them. Sometimes they get paralyzed by analysis. Things feel overwhelming and you still get confused on what direction to go, what to work on next, and where to best spend your time. 

Sometimes, even with the training in the Lab, members still wonder if they're doing it right. If they're concentrating on the right thing, at the right time.

The Lab, with all of it's resources, is still a rather do-it-yourself solution. Multiple support resources are there, but it is up to you to use them. Not everybody does, for various reasons.

Sometimes, we simply need more accountability... and something more proactive.

This universe is designed to work in pairs. For energy to flow, two terminals are necessary. You just look at the basics of electronics to see that is true. But, we can look even in human relations and we see it is true as well. We can only do so much when we're alone. When we're in partnership with another, the energy flows.

Building and growing an online business is a pretty big project. It is tough enough as it is, but it is made much harder when you're going it alone. Putting another on your "team" can make all the difference.

It can mean:

  • Have a second set of eyes to see things from a perspective other than your own
  • Have somebody to hold you accountable
  • Have somebody to proactively reach out and keep you on track
  • Have somebody help you determine what's really important and what to work on
  • Have somebody to help debug problems that come up so that you can keep moving.

I wanted to have a solution to this issue for my members. It was important to me to have a solution which was affordable while also respecting my lifestyle. After all, my members know I like to go camping alot. :)

What I came up with is... Lab Platinum.

How Lab Platinum Works

Lab Platinum is a Lab membership PLUS coaching. Your Platinum membership includes:

  • Everything that's included with the standard LAB membership, PLUS...
  • Personalized goal setting and guidance as you progress on your project.
  • ​Personal accountability through proactive check-ins to help keep our eye on the ball and keep things moving.
  • Personal assistance to deal with any issues which may arise

When you enroll in Platinum, we're going to take stock of where things stand for you now and what your goals are. We'll start off with some back-and-forth emails and an initial discovery call so that I can take stock on where things stand for you now.

We're then going to work together to determine what you should work on next. I will be keeping individual records of everything so that I get to know you, your project, and where things are heading (and where they've been).

Each month, I will be checking in with you to see how things have gone. Even if you forget to check in with me, I'll reach out to you. Together, we'll review the progress, take care of any new issues and set new goals for the next month.

In addition to these monthly check-ins, I will also be available throughout the month as needed to answer questions and provide perspective. I may also periodically reach out to you unexpectedly throughout the month to see how things are going.

This will be done via personal email (specific for platinum members). In some cases, I may record a personal video for you and send it via email. In those cases where we may need to speak via Skype or phone, those calls will be available at the same rate as all other Lab members. By not involving the phone as a regular feature of this arrangement, I am able to keep the costs down for you.

"No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand."

- Napoleon Hill

​​​All Benefit Of The Lab, PLUS...

Personalized Goal Setting

I will work with you individually to set forth specific goals for the next month which are specific to your business and the stage of business you are in.

Private Email Access

You will have private email access to me, specific to you and other Platinum members. You'll be able to reach out anytime as needed to seek an answer, recommendation, or just some perspective.

Monthly Check-Ins

Each month, we will connect again for the full update. We'll review where things stand, take care of anything that came up, and set new goals for the next month.

Individual Guidance

This is not a group program. All of our interactions will be direct and personal - and unique to your situation and your business. There's no automated messages or any of that yik-yak.

It is important to me to make Platinum accessible price-wise. There are plenty of "gurus" out there happy to charge you thousands of dollars per month, often for a single phone call. And you'd be floored at how many horror stories I've heard about these "gurus" under-delivering or being hard to get ahold of.

I'm going to run Platinum in a way which respects both of our time. And the fact that we'll do it via email (for the most part) allows me the flexibility to be there for you, while me still having that lifestyle flexibility that's important (like going camping :) )

The rates for Platinum membership will increase according to demand. At this time, I've set the rate at just $120/month. If you would like to commit to working with me for a full year, that will run $1200 for the year (essentially you're getting 2 months free).

Special option below to secure coaching through all of 2019 for just $995. 
This special offer ends on New Years Day. Let's make the most of the next year.

When you join, your rate will be locked in for as long as you are in the program. I am sensitive to the number of people in the program that way I can provide adequate attention to each Platinum member. For this reason, price will increase depending on volume. And, from time to time, I may simply turn off registrations and put up a waiting list so that I can serve existing Platinum clients.


No contracts. Cancel anytime.





Best value: Save $205.




This special opportunity for affordable coaching through 2019 ends on New Years Day. Normal rate is $1,200.

Lifetime memberships are not available for the Platinum level due to the higher demands on my time.

The "Fine Print"

Can I cancel anytime?

Can I downgrade back to a regular Lab membership if I choose?

Is there a refund policy?

Do I keep everything that comes with the regular Lab membership?

Will you do the work for me?

What if I need to talk to you?

What if I already have an annual or lifetime Lab membership?

Do you offer any annual, lifetime plans for Platinum?

What will be required of me?

How often will we be interacting and how quickly do you reply?

I was asked about it. I delayed. This is my answer.

I've been asked many, MANY times about whether I offer any kind of monthly coaching. My answer has been "no".

The reason has always been one of "lifestyle design". I value my flexibility, both in time and location. And while I absolutely love what I do, I didn't want to make an offer which promised that I be on the phone with people each month. When I'm out traveling the country with my family in our motorhome, the last thing I want to do is be sitting there in a campsite doing client phone calls. :-)

So, this pilot program of Lab Platinum is my way of offering the benefits of coaching, yet in a way which is flexible. And because of that, I can offer it at a lower rate.

So, I encourage to take a look at your business, your blog... and your progress.

Is going it alone working against you?

Are you finding yourself feeling "stuck" and overwhelmed, despite feeling like you have access to all the information you need?

Do you feel you could really benefit from a "second set of eyes", helping you with your business, month to month? To help you figure out what to work on, what your priorities are, and set real goals?

If you do, then give Lab Platinum a try. Help me pilot this program and we'll see how this works for both of us.

Space is limited. This offer could close down any time depending on how things go. And, as I systematize things moving forward, it is pretty much a guarantee that the price will be increasing.

Perhaps I'll be working with you soon.

All the best,

Founder, Blog Marketing Academy


No contracts. Cancel anytime.





Best value: Save $205.




This special opportunity for affordable coaching through 2019 ends on New Years Day. Normal rate is $1,200.

Lifetime memberships are not available for the Platinum level due to the higher demands on my time.