TBP009: I’m Back! What I’ve Been Up To For The Last Few Months

After what SHOCKINGLY turned into a 9-month hiatus, The Blog Program is back! And, David has his tail between his legs, asking for forgiveness. 😉…

david_podcast_300After what SHOCKINGLY turned into a 9-month hiatus, The Blog Program is back! And, David has his tail between his legs, asking for forgiveness. 😉

Actually, in this episode, I sit down and talk about where my efforts have been for the last many months with Blog Marketing Academy.

Go behind the scenes with me as I talk about some of the projects I have been working on to “clear out the underbrush” from years of business, and put some order into things using SYSTEMS.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • The real reason why this podcast hasn’t come out in over 9 months.
  • My conversion from Aweber to Office AutoPilot… and why.
  • My thinking behind the “daily videos” (which aren’t so daily anymore)
  • My switch to the Genesis Framework… and why.
  • Why I stopped using Wishlist Member (although I still love it), and switched to something else.
  • The BIG bottleneck to my business over the last many months, and what I’m doing to solve it.

I hope you enioy this one. It is long overdue.

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About David Risley
David Risley is the founder of the Blog Marketing Academy, a 20-year veteran blogger and online entrepreneur. His focus? Building a reliable, recurring business around his "lifestyle" and the lives of his students. He has this weird obsession with traveling in his motorhome around the country with his wife and 2 kids. David also likes to talk about himself in the third person. In bios like this one. Read his full story.
  • Cool stuff, David. It’s kind of comforting to hear that someone so experienced and established in the business as yourself still has issues with getting your systems organized. You just put yourself back down to normal ‘flawed human’ level, which helps the rest of us relate better.

    But you’re a ‘flawed human’ with super skills. And I think we all are, in a sense.

    For instance, it was cool to hear you talk about your new found learning of the Theory of Constraints. I’m quite familiar with it and have been studying it for years. I was able to have some personal chats with Dr. Goldratt, attended some conferences and worked with some of the top leaders in the method. But I still probably don’t apply it in my personal life as effectively as you were describing, so you motivated me to take a fresh look.

    If we just remember that we’re all humans with different experiences and skills, and we can help each other out, then things will go more smoothly.

    I’m seriously thinking about signing up for your Tech Workshop. I’ve done just enough work on my blog to scare me, and I know most of the time I just have a dumb question that would be super easy for someone who knew what they were doing. It sounds like you’re offering the perfect help.

    Thanks for your work.

  • Loved this episode David. Great to hear you touch on why you chose AutoPilot over InfusionSoft. I totally relate to where you’re coming from with systems.

    I’ve been working on my business systems with my assistant with great focus the last couple of months. I highly recommend the book “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter.

    You may of heard of it. Excellent book and since implementing ideas and strategies inspired by the book I’ve noticed a couple of other “mentors from afar” talking about the book as well. Sam has a touching story to go with his “how-to” info. You can also find an interview with him at Mixergy.

    Here are the links to the book for your other visitors (No affil, I just want to pay it forward).


    Download a free audiobook version from Sam’s site here.

    Thanks David, keep up the top work of emphasising the business aspect of blogging here at BMA. That’s the main reason I’m a subscriber.

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