How To Power Your Podcast From Your Wordpress Blog

Today's plug-in was one that, when I found it... I was excited. This was something I was wanting to do on this blog, but thought I would need to manually code it. But, alas... there was no need.


This is Day 19 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer Wordpress Plug-ins Series.

I personally believe that podcasting is a lot more powerful form of content distribution than many give it credit for. If you’re serious about reaching as much audience as you can, you should definitely consider it.

I have a guide on how to launch a podcast you can check out, too. That post will also give a lot of the technical parts of how to do it.

But, one of those technical parts is how and where to manage your podcast. The good news  is that it can all be done right from your existing Wordpress site – using the PowerPress plug-in.


This is what I use to power The Blog Program, which is my own podcast.

You can enable any individual category of your blog as a podcast category. PowerPress will set up a special RSS feed for your podcast – and that is the feed which you will feed to Apple iTunes and any other podcast directory you want to be in.

Bluberry (the company behind PowerPress) is also great at keeping the plug-in up-to-date. When Apple changes something, they update the plug-in. For example, the podcast artwork specs from Apple keep getting bigger to support retina displays and the like, and all of that is dealt with in PowerPress.

It has features like:

  • Built in video player, if you want to do a video podcast.
  • Full HTML5 support.
  • Migration tools (to move from other podcasting plug-ins)
  • Support for multiple podcasts from the same blog.
  • Ability to style your player as you see fit.
  • Ability to position the player automatically, or manually using a shortcode.
  • Supports pretty much all the various formats.

But, most importantly, it is designed to work very well with iTunes (which is where most podcast traffic comes from). You’ll have full control over how your podcast appears inside of the iTunes directory… all from within Wordpress.

The screen for controlling all the iTunes fields.
The screen for controlling all the iTunes fields.

I’ve used PodPress (another nice podasting plug-in), but I think PowerPress is a better product. It is free, too, so you’ve got no reason not to use it.

You just need to start a podcast first. 😉


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