Building Your Blog Profit Funnel

A Step-By-Step System For Building The Business Machine Which Generates Revenue From Your Blog 24/7

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Let's start off with some cold, hard math...

Trying to monetize your blog using Adsense ads, Amazon affiliate links, or random ads in your sidebar just isn't a good way to go. There's two huge problems with it...

  1. It usually doesn't make you very much money. (and that's kind of a big deal)
  2. You LOSE your reader because it sends people away from your blog - most likely for no good reason since #1 above remains true​

Finding success on this path requires a lot of traffic. We're talking SERIOUS amounts of traffic. With the average revenue for 1,000 ad views running around $2.80, if you are getting a 70% split from the banner network you're using, you'd still only be earning $1.96 from 1000 views.

1000 page views. Less than two bucks.

You don't fix that kind of problem by throwing more ads all over the place and turning your blog into a huge billboard.

The Key To Revenue Is Running
Your Blog Like A Real Business

Build a real business machine behind the scenes of your blog – a business machine that is designed to provide massive value to your audience in exchange for money.

YOU get the customer, not somebody else.

You don’t feel icky because your blog isn’t littered up with ads.

You don’t have to post content as often if you don’t want to.

Also, because your business machine is generating revenue for you, you actually can employ paid traffic in order to quickly, reliably and predictably grow your blog and business.

Growing your blog is no longer a matter of a long, hard slog and lady luck on your side… it is more of a simple math problem.

It works by building the business machine behind your blog - your funnel. Your blog sits on top of this thing and provides various points of entry into the funnel.

And the math is a LOT more favorable...

Take that same 1000 people and run it through THIS setup and you're going to be earning a LOT more than $1.96. In fact, building a blog profit funnel is the KEY to generating respectable revenue from blogs without serious amounts of traffic.

This Is The Business Model For Blog Owners

The Blog Profit Funnel is the core business component of the Blog Monetization Model. It covers everything from initial lead magnet opt-in to the front-end offer, membership site and into the high-end offers.

This is your core blueprint on how to build and assemble this structure for yourself. Including...

  • How to plan out your funnel (even if you don't have products of your own yet)
  • How to create the basic building blocks of your funnel
  • Exactly how to create the PERFECT lead magnet to kick off the funnel which goes behind it
  • How to identify the perfect pairing of a lead magnet and front-end offer... which means your offer will convert the best AND you don't have to be pushy about it
  • How to automate the whole thing through the use of email
  • How to set up the "mechanics" of it, including lead magnet delivery, flow into the offer, etc.
  • How to map this to your multiple email lists

Here's What's Inside
Building Your Blog Profit Funnel

This course includes...

  • 23 Individual Training Lessons
  • 12 Training Videos, About 90 Minutes
  • Includes downloadable worksheet Aids
  • Includes Transcripts, Slide and Audio Downloads

You Will Discover...

  • How to turn your "transformation" into content - and products to offer
  • 2 specific strategies to build this funnel even when you don't have information products of your own
  • The core psychology of your funnel and how to "bake it in" to the funnel flow and maximize conversions
  • How to identify potential high-end offers - even if you didn't think it was possible before
  • How to develop multiple front-end offers without increasing your workload
  • How to quickly and easy create the PERFECT lead magnets to get people into your funnels
  • How to pair front-end offers with a lead magnet so that it practically sells itself
  • How to get traffic into your funnel so that the leads and sales actually happen (even if you don't have much traffic on your blog yet)
  • The exact layout of your autoresponder emails that automate the funnel
  • The full mechanics of how your pages flow together, how to hook them up, and how your email list works in conjunction with it
  • A point-by-point walkthrough on building the core components of the funnel
  • How to set up funnel measurement so you can track performance (including a funnel ROI calculator)

The "Blog Profit Funnel" action plan makes real sense of something I've struggled with for a long time - creating a logical system for generating leads and new customers. Very excited to put this into practice!

Nigel Merrick

I've just joined the Blog Marketing Academy Lab membership specifically for this profit funnel action plan - and boy did it deliver. I was unsure on a few aspects of how to make my own product funnels more profitable - but David's easy to follow presentation style and in-depth training mean I've now got a fresh perspective on taking this all forward. This a great course.

Loz James

Amazing info here folks. A complete blueprint on how to set up the profit center of your business. I got tremendous benefit from this Action Plan. It was easy to follow and understand. The details are all here and now I know precisely what I need to do. Thank so much to David Risley.

Lorraine G.

Start Building Your Blog's Profit Center

If you want to take REAL control over your income, this is most definitely the way you need to go.

Not because I said so, but because every business out there does. This model is based on business fundamentals that transcend blogging. All we're doing is bringing it all home to the world of online business.​

You can secure this full course - and get lifetime access - for just $47. No Lab membership required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Guarantee?

​Yep. Everything I offer here at the Academy is covered by the same 30-day, no questions asked, “change your mind” guarantee.

If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. If you just change your mind (hey, it happens), then same thing. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, and my experience has been that I have very low refund rates. But, its simple. You want it back, you’ll get it back.

How long until I get access to it?

Immediately. The training exists now and, as soon as you get your login info in your email box, you’ll gain access to the whole thing.

Being the first one, I may make some additions and “tweaks” to this Action Plan over time, but this isn’t some kind of “timed release” or anything. Its all there, ready to go.