Business Strategy Sessions

Let's Dive Into Your Online Business Together, 1-on-1. We'll figure out the best path forward, and you'll walk out with a full action plan to move forward.

We all get stuck inside our own heads sometimes.

It happens to me, too. It happens to everybody who is running their own business. When we're the idea person AND the person who does it all, it is easy to be inside our own little echo chambers.

This can lead to getting "stuck" in problems you don't need to be stuck in. It can lead to paralysis by analysis, where decisions need to be made but nothing happens because you ponder the "what if's".

Plus, the thing about being in your own head is that you're limited by what you already know. Other people have different perspectives, different experience, knowledge of different tools and tactics that you don't.

This is why people hire business coaches or join mastermind groups.

And it can make a real difference.

So, Here's How This Works...

Although I rarely take on clients 1-on-1, I know that a personal consulting session can help you have massive breakthroughs in your business in a much quicker time period.

For this reason, my availability is pretty limited and sessions are by application only.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form below completely and submit the form.

After we receive your application, it will be routed to me. I will review your application personally and will be in touch with you privately on moving forward.

What You'll Walk Away With...

Our call together will be fully focused on YOUR business and your BEST path forward. The goal will be to solve any constraints you have currently and that you'll have a concrete action plan to move forward with.

You will leave the session with:​

  1. A full recording of our call (if requested) so you can review it as needed. I don't want you to be stressing out about taking notes or remembering everything. I just want you fully in "strategy mode" with me... fully focused on YOUR business.
  2. A written action plan to guide your actions moving forward. It will be written out with plans and projects, and you will be able to move forward with clarity that the time spent on your blog and business is aimed in the right direction.

You will walk away with a plans/project list which is exactly how I plan my own business month-to-month. It is based on something I call the Business Growth Formula.

Let's work together, during out call, to take out all the guesswork and have a solid plan of action for building up your blog and your business. Most time waste comes when you're unclear on what you're doing... or what you should be doing. By getting that dealt with on our call, your time will  be spent on what matters most to grow your business.​

And Afterward, This Is What Happens...

  1. I keep a record of your action plan in my records.
  2. I will schedule a followup to check in and see how you're doing.
  3. You will have the option to purchase additional consultations with me, if you'd like to continue to work with me on an ongoing basis. Totally up to you.

Application For A Strategy Session With David

Fill out your application below to get started. Keep in mind that filling out this application isn't a commitment to move forward.