The Facebook Ads Blueprint

An Easy-To-Follow Guide For How To Take Control Of Your Online Business Destiny... Using Facebook Advertising.

Facebook. It's the big kahuna of the social media world, with about 1.9 billion monthly active users... and 1.23 billion active daily users.

Yes... every single day, roughly 1/7th of the entire population of planet Earth logs into Facebook.

That stat alone is mind-boggling. And yes, pretty much regardless of what niche you are in, the people that YOU want to reach with your blog and online business are on Facebook.

What's more... Facebook is basically one big traffic store. You can literally go to them and BUY traffic using Facebook Ads.

With a pretty small investment, you can reliably and predictably grow your traffic, grow your list, and grow your revenue by using Facebook Ads to put your message right in front of the exact right kind of people for your niche.

It used to be that all this was optional. Just something the "big boys" did.

But, not anymore.

Like it or not, we live in a "pay to play" world now when it comes to traffic. Sure, it can still be done organically, but it is anything but predictable. And it isn't even free because you're spending insane amounts of time trying to build your traffic the old-fashioned way. And it doesn't always even work.

These days, the ability to run paid traffic is an absolute necessity for any online business... big, small, or just starting from scratch.

And Facebook is where much of the action is happening.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads Now

(unless you like feeling like business growth is just stalled)

Trying to build a business from your blog when you're just relying on whoever happens to come by is like trying to accelerate up the interstate onramp when you have no gas. It works if you already have boatloads of qualified traffic coming from your blog, but otherwise, it can feel like a hopeless cause.

Facebook Ads changes the whole game. Here are 6 specific reasons why you need to be using them...​

  1. It puts YOU in the driver seat when it comes to traffic, rather than relying on Google search.
  2. It allows you to put your blog content, lead magnets and more in front of the EXACT right kind of people who are most likely to respond.
  3. It is, by far, the quickest and most reliable way to build up an online business around your blog from scratch. Everything is MUCH quicker.
  4. It brings all the necessary components of your business together, almost "forcing" you to discover the proper product/market fit for your business. And this puts you on a MUCH stronger foundation for monetization than almost any blogger out there.​
  5. It gives you full control not only of who sees your stuff... but what they are actually seeing. This allows you to laser target your content marketing rather than allowing people to scatter all over your site aimlessly.
  6. There are so many cool, creative ways to target the right audiences and reach them with Facebook Ads that it makes online business much more fun... because you know what you're doing will actually have an impact. And even if some idea doesn't work, it is fast to pivot and try the next thing.

As a blogger for the last 18 years now, I can tell you that me telling you this is a "new" thing for me. Back when I began blogging, things were much easier. There was less distraction and you could build a blog and business from scratch without paid ads.

But, today, I'm open and upfront about this: I couldn't build a business from scratch online today without paid ads. Even with all the experience I have with organic traffic, I truly don't think I could do it today if I didn't already have a platform to springboard from.

I would be using Facebook Ads immediately. No doubt about it.​

The "Cost" Of Using Facebook Ads

Now, you might be thinking - yes, you see the benefits of using Facebook Advertising. But... it costs money.

And yes, it does. Although you can get started for as little as $5/day.

But, here's the thing...

In point #4 above, I talk about how gearing up to use Ads "forces" you to get your business ducks in a row. You will be figuring out lead magnets which actually convert. You will be testing out offers. And you'll be doing this all much faster than you otherwise would.

The result is that, while most other blog owners out there are still riding the "content hamster wheel" and being frustrated by their lack of good traffic, you'll be actually building your list and making actual sales. You'll have your eye on the ball.

The volume in which it happens will depend on how well things scale, but point is... you'll be focusing on the things which actually matter here.

Ultimately, the cost of Facebook Ads will be a moot point because you'll be getting results from it. You'll at least be breaking even, but most likely actually profiting from it. Your net cost for Ads will be ZERO.

Reality is, your cost comes from NOT using paid traffic. I mean, unless you place literally zero value on your own time and reliability of results. The cost of doing things the old way comes in the form of lost time, lack of knowing what works, fear of failure... and constantly feeling like you're grasping at straws.​

When You Go To Start Using Facebook Ads,
Certain Questions Will Inevitably Come Up...

  • How do you find and target the right kind of people?
  • What is the step-by-step on actually setting up an ad campaign?
  • How do you handle the issue of budget so as to maximize results?
  • Is there a difference between a boosted post and a regular ad?
  • How do you set up the different kinds of audiences, and what are they used for?
  • How do you set up proper tracking?
  • What kinds of campaigns can I run?
  • If I'm on a small budget, what's the best kind of campaigns to run to maximize impact?
  • If I find a campaign which is working, how do I scale it up without screwing things up?
  • How do I create ads which people actually respond to?

Here's What's Coming In
The Facebook Ads Blueprint

This course includes...

  • All training videos, released upon completion
  • Includes all downloadable worksheets and checklists (such as the Facebook Ad Targeting Worksheet, Facebook Ad Campaign Planner and the Facebook Ad Debug Checklist)
  • Includes Transcripts, Slides and Audio Downloads
  • Exclusive For Lab Members And Pre-Enrolled Students: LIVE Q&A sessions to answer your Facebook Ad questions, using the Lab's Office Hours Live Training room.

You Will Discover...

  • The basics of how Facebook Ads work, broken down to the basics
  • How to set up your Facebook Ad Pixel
  • How to take your tracking to the next level with Conversion Tracking and Conversion Events
  • The different kinds of Facebook Audiences, how to use them... and when.
  • The 3 audiences every single blogger should be collecting immediately
  • How to turn your blog into a big collection mechanism for segmented audiences on Facebook... and do it easily
  • The 1, 2, 3 on how to use Ads to "push" people through your funnels using funnel retargeting
  • How to couple Ads with your email list to compound the effect of your marketing campaigns
  • How to properly target the right people with interest-based targeting
  • The step-by-step, beginning-to-end on how to set up a Facebook ad campaign from scratch
  • How to plan out a campaign beforehand to ensure it actually works before turning it on
  • How to scale up a campaign when it's working
  • Specific campaigns you can run, even on the smallest budgets, to maximize results.
  • 10 specific debug points on how to debug a campaign which isn't working like you'd hope
  • The "quick hits" section, with specific tactical videos on local ads, Lead Ads, Messenger Ads and much more

My Goal With This Facebook Ads Training (For You)

The Lab has long needed a full training course on Facebook Ads. So, this course is filling in a major gap in the lineup for Lab members.

But, I also know there are a lot of people out there talking about Facebook Ads already. Even special "gurus" that focus on nothing but Facebook Ads.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that what I'm going to cover in this training hasn't been covered elsewhere. It obviously has. But, at the same time...

My goal with all training I do is to boil it down to simplicity. And, even with all the people out there doing training on the subject of Facebook Ads, there is still a ton of confusion out there about it. For many, this is a complicated topic.

And, one of my best skills is making complicated topics simpler. I am a firm believer in the idea that information without context and understanding is essentially useless. But, WITH context and order, it becomes true understanding. Then, you can actually DO something with that information.

I come to you with this course as a kind of curator. Taking all this information floating around on Facebook Advertising and boiling it down to the simplicity. I want it to be easy to follow, step by step... with plenty of downloadable checklists you can print and just follow.