So, I Got This Email…

This email came from somebody who was evaluating my Blog Masters Club coaching program.

I thought I would use this email – and my response – as a blog post. Because the concerns he brings up are VERY common and I have a feeling a LOT of people think this way when looking at the various training programs in the internet marketing niche.

The Email I Got

And it is…

I took a look at your coaching offer. I have been burned several times online, so I approach this with that mindset. Your program isn’t cheap, but if the value is there, it could well be worth it.

Do you provide step by step instruction as well as advanced tactics? Everyone is marketing generalities that are really of no value at all. A definition or an example pales in comparison to a step by step instructional video of how YOU are actually implementing the generalities. Also, I know some of the link building techniques that other successful bloggers use involves substantial overhead. Software, monthly membership charges, etc. I also know that faking before making it is pretty much essential. It’s the chicken and the egg thing. What is the alternative? No matter what niche you go into, you cannot approach it as if you are a newbie. No one is going to buy anything from you in this case.  So I don’t know where you get, don’t fake it. I can almost guarantee there was a little bit of fake before you got established.

The concerns he raised are common, and ones I felt needed a larger response than I might usually send via an email.

My Response

And it was…

Hey there,

I understand your concern about my coaching program, seeing as you’ve been burned before. But, I’ll be completely up front with you…

Most of the time when I’ve heard that argument, it is because the person was looking for the course to do all the work for them. And, it just can’t work. No matter how much I pack into one of my courses (or anybody else does into their’s)… there will ALWAYS be gaps to fill with your own personal research. Any “Step-by-step” video will leave out something that somebody needs. So, I’ve designed Blog Masters to be as thorough as I can, hopefully without being too overwhelming. But, sure, there are things you will need to learn outside of my program, depending on your own personal goals. Because I can’t possibly cover it all.

As for additional costs – that might be the case. But, if you’re starting a real business, you often need to be willing to invest a little into getting it off the ground. Just like any other business. If you come into this with the mindset of expecting the course to remove the thinking for you, and with the idea that you should be able to do all the most ideal things without spending any money – that’s just not going to work. Most things I talk about have a free alternative, but I recommend certain things because they work. And this is business we’re talking about.

As for the chicken and the egg… it really depends on what you mean by “fake it till you make it”. I would never condone faking expertise you don’t have, and no, I never did that. I think this question would only come up if you have the assumption that you have to be a “guru” in your niche in order to make any money. That’s not the case. For example, you can engage in affiliate marketing in a niche by simply doing reviews and how-to. I don’t think you have to have people think you’re God’s gift to the niche. 🙂

Just keeping it real, cuz that’s what I do. 🙂 Hope it helps.

My Final Thoughts

(I almost saw this image of Jerry Springer at the end of his show here. Must get that image out of my head. Now. 😉 )

This is a simple matter of mindset.

We’re talking REAL business here, guys. And I’m not sure why people come into this blogging thing expecting things to be different.

I know a lot of marketers out there like to pitch their stuff as the magic bullet, or the “business in a box”. I understand why they do that, but I HATE it. I hate it because it fosters this mistaken attitude that the product is supposed to remove ALL the thinking, all the guesswork, and basically hand success to you on a silver platter. Connect the dots in some brainless fashion and out comes cash. Yeah, right.

When you evaluate any training program on offer by anybody, evaluate it on the basis of – “Will this product help me get further toward my goal?” It is up to you to bring the goal to the table (and the goal should ideally be more than just money). It is up to you to bring the willingness to work and to do what it takes to succeed. Yes, in some cases, you need to be willing to invest money into solutions to run your business with.

Every person out there who has a coaching program on offer…. they worked their asses off and they invested money into their business. Because of that fact, others are now in the position of considering BUYING from them. That’s how this works.

You’re not going to be the exception. 🙂


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