Introducing Our Exclusive
Online Business Roadmap

The Roadmap is a 5-phase plan that takes you from absolutely zero... up to a point where you not only have a proven product which is generating sales... but you will have a systematized business that is growing and enabling you to live the lifestyle you choose to live.

You do not have to have a blog to begin. You don't need an email list. No product. No traffic. You don't even need to be entirely firm on your ideas yet. As long as you engage in the process - in the order as laid out in this Roadmap - you can make it.

The structure of The Roadmap is found in 5 different phases. These 5 phases are laid out based on my own experience - and almost 10 years of coaching other bloggers and watching the various difficulties that come up.

As you go, you will be told which videos to watch, what to do, and when. You will be given actions to do along the way.

The Roadmap serves as your guide through the entire process. You can then apply "Just in Time Learning" to it... and ONLY spend your time learning what is immediately applicable to you and your business.

I love that this is laid out step by step. I have been working in online marketing for quite a while but found myself mostly trying to piece together steps as I went... only to discover that there was always something important missing. Thanks for this!

Jan M

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  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5

The Systems Phase

In this phase, we'll be turning your business into a real system that will enable you to expand while not necessarily having to throw more time at it.

We'll be looking at employing marketing automation to increase your marketing power without you having to do much more work. We'll also be building out internal business processes and setting up more developed tracking of core metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators).

Phase 4 is very much about taking your business to the next level.

An actual screenshot of a section of Phase 2 of the Roadmap, as found inside The Lab

Each of the 5 phases of the Roadmap are broken up into multiple sections - and each section expands to show you exactly what to do. Your next step is always expanded automatically and future steps are grayed out, so you will always know where you are.

As you complete a step, you check it off. The system keeps track of where you are at the whole time.

When a step is expanded, I will walk you through each thing to do and provide tools to help you along. Here's the step about researching and scoring your potential niche ideas, early on in the Roadmap process...

Each step will tell you which videos from the course library to watch, which tools to use, and what exactly to do. Then, when you are done, you check off that step of the Roadmap and it will automatically advance you to the next step.

We've Got Your Back As You
Travel The Roadmap

The Academy Lab - and this Roadmap - is as close to having me as your personal business coach as you can get without actually hiring me privately.

I've set up this Roadmap so that you are never alone as you progress. For example:

  • There are points throughout The Roadmap where you will be told to submit your idea to me for direct, personal feedback.
  • If you run into technical difficulties, you're directed into your options to get support from members-only support resources, including asking the community, submitting an office hours question and more.
  • Multiple progress report "pitstops" built into The Roadmap where you tell me how it's going and if there's anything you need me to clarify for you. And I WILL reply to you personally.

We'll also be monitoring your progress as you work your way through the Roadmap. While you will be taking the "do it yourself" route, we'll be there monitoring and offering assistance along the way.​​​​

Traveling the Roadmap is never a solo experience.

It is time to shed the overwhelm and confusion of online business... and replace it with an orderly, simple step-by-step progression. We've got your back.

Why The Roadmap Exists

The Roadmap is a massive project for me. We didn't always have it. But, it was borne out of my constant quest to perfect customer delivery and results for my members. See...

The Blog Marketing Academy started back in 2008. And my first course was called Blog Masters ClubThat course did pretty well on it’s first launch, and I went on to create several other courses that would become part of The Academy.

Several years later, I decided to simplify things into a single program. Instead of selling a bunch of different training courses separately, I wanted to make things simpler. Not only on my students, but on me.

It started as the “Inner Circle”, but evolved into The Lab.

Over time, the training library grew. Soon, there were over 20 courses inside the Lab Course Library.

But, it led to a problem…

Periodically, I would get members getting confused on where to begin. They’d wonder what they should do next. And they’d continue to get distracted by shiny objects.

This was (and is) and issue I see across the entire field of online marketing training.

So many people looking to start and build an online business or monetize their blogs… but they remain overwhelmed and confused despite all the training and help available (both from me as well as many other people in the industry).

Something was wrong. Clearly.

Is that the customer’s fault? Are they just lazy? Are they a “wantapreneur”?

To some, the answer was yes.

I know this for a fact because I have hung out with my share of people from the online marketing world. Many times I’d hear them lament about people who didn’t get results from their training. But, too often, the answer seemed to be that it was the fault of the customer.

But, screw that! It’s a cop out.

The way I see it, if your customers are not getting the results from your training in the ratio you believe they should, that’s your fault.

You figure out what you can to to make it easier.

I needed to figure out how to solve the problem of overwhelm. I needed to provide a sequence. I needed to provide an order to the ever-growing training library we have for our students.

It started out with what I called the “Blueprints”.

I created a few of them then decided that wasn’t the best approach. I needed something more global otherwise it would be too complicated.

The result turned into The Roadmap.

Founder, Blog Marketing Academy