From the RV: Getting Away To Plan Out Your Business

In this video blog entry, I come to you from my RV, where I purposely disappeared from my normal work environment in order to do some business planning.

One of the curses of being self-employed is that we get so busy DOING that we forget to plan. We forget that planning and coming up with strategy is very important, and without it our day becomes merely reacting to workload rather than making concerted forward movement.

In this video blog entry, I come to you from my RV, where I purposely disappeared from my normal work environment in order to do some business planning.




Hi there!

In this video I’m coming to you from my RV today. But I have a business lesson for you. And it’s exactly the very reason I’m sitting in this RV right now rather than in my home office.

I’ll tell you about that on the other side. 🙂


Hey there, David here, from I’m coming to you today from an obviously very different setting that I usually do. Usually, I’m inside my little makeshift studio at my home office with the blue wall and all that kind of stuff. Obviously, that’s not where I’m at today. I’m actually inside an RV that my wife and I actually own. And I came out to a little local camp ground. There’s a bunch of other campers around me right now. And I did it in order to get away, go to some place where I can be by myself and do some strategic planning for the business.

That’s actually what I’m here to talk to you about today. It’s the idea of purposely building this in to your schedule periodically, to where you can actually disappear from the noise of everyday life and the demands to get things done and all that. And disappear… go somewhere else.  I actually recommend that you change your environment, get out from the space that you usually work in because it’s actually a bit of a mental shift when you do that. When you’re not sitting in your office or at your computer, it’s a lot easier to see things a little bit differently because you’re not compelled to do all these things that you would be normally be doing in that space.

So, for me, we own the RV and I decided to go… I’m like 10 miles from home right now. Come out here by myself, no kids… Luckily for me, my wife was extremely accommodating to allow me to do that because it’s a Saturday and she’s at home with the kids right now and I’m sitting here inside of an RV. 🙂

But anyway, that’s really what I want to talk to you about; build a schedule. And when you go and do that, sit down and think long term about your business. Think about the constraints that you have in your business and what ideas you can come out with in order to actually alleviate those constraints and expand your online business or your blog. It’s really, really eye opening. I’m sitting here at my laptop right now and I’ve come up with some really cool ideas to expand the Blog Marketing Academy in the next several months.

And could I come up with those ideas at home? Maybe, but I think the fact that I’m here makes a difference. And basically, I came here to have a little summit with myself. Just to come over here and do some strategic, executive planning for my business purposely, not to work. I’m not trying to get things off my task list right now. I’m doing nothing but ideas, planning, putting projects together. And then when I get back to my office, I’ll go into execution mode.

So, that’s the idea. Think about how you can build that into your schedule. If you have an RV, that’s cool…, it’s definitely a good use for them periodically. But you can also go to a hotel room locally and do the same thing. There are many places that you can do this. I think that it would be a beneficial thing to do. Just purposely get out of your workplace and do a little bit of planning. Okay?

That’s pretty much it! I’ll talk to you soon! 🙂



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