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In the last post I talked about what success actually mean for a blogger and there are basically two camps there:

  • Being famous
  • How much money they’re actually making

The Hard Truth

Now, when it comes to true success, here is a REALLY hard truth that sucks in a way but, it is what it is. Most bloggers make “squat”. They really don’t make very much money at all. They’re making zero and they’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to make more than zero.

And those people who actually make real incomes – and by that I mean an income that one could actually live off of – those people represent the very, very top echelon of the blogging income ranges. And even then, the most successful bloggers who are making in the tippy top echelons are making money that isn’t enough for them to live off of. They’re just making a fairly standard full time living. “Standard” when compared to having a regular job.

I’m making more than I would probably make at a regular job if I were to put my college degree to work. And, I know many other people who are as well. But at the same time there are people who make more money doing regular jobs than a lot of bloggers make.

The funny thing is, when we compare the blogging income ranges to the income ranges of a standard line of work in the regular world, blogging doesn’t look very good at all. And for us to even get into the range of having a normal income stream, we have to be in the top echelon of the typical blogging income ranges. It just is the hard truth, but a lot of it comes down to mentality.

The Big Question

The big question is… why is that the case? What’s actually happening here?

Is it just because we’re sitting here talking about “making money online?” It’s really easy to jump to the assumption that those who are making good money are just talking about “make money online” and obviously that is just not true.

There are a lot of people out there who are making pretty good money as bloggers who are not talking about “make money online”. The thing is, they’re probably just not on your radar because they’re not out there talking about making money online. They’re talking about whatever their topic is and you just might not be interested in what they’re saying. But they are most definitely out there.

I had a guy who is still in in my Academy membership and he was making good income doing something with regards to the oil market. Not only was it a local type of thing but it had to do with the oil market. It’s the furthest thing from making money online I can possibly think of. I also have one of my Blog Masters students and, he’s making money as a coffee blogger. He’s actually doing pretty well as a coffee blogger.

Internet Marketing – Don’t Shy Away From It!

The truth is that these people who are making real incomes… they treat it like a real business. They’re not treating it just like a blog where they’re worried about how many comments they got. They’re thinking more about making sales and generating leads.

They do not shy away from applying real online marketing. There are way too many bloggers for whom the whole idea of internet marketing just gives them a real bad taste in their mouth. They want to run away from anything that even resembles internet marketing and that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

If you want to find success on the internet in any way, shape or form, guess what? You have to apply internet marketing to it!

So, I don’t care if you go and see some of these people who are selling Product Launch Formula or any of these people you might look at in the traditional internet marketing world… and you might have this gut reaction that they’re shysters. In many cases, they’re not.

Don’t shy away from internet marketing. It is the secret sauce. You have to learn the skills of internet marketing, apply it to your blogging and that is the real big secret to success in blogging.

What Bloggers Are NOT Willing to Do

The other secret here is doing what most bloggers are not willing to do. Most bloggers just sit there and write all the time and they try to publish and when they want to get their traffic up they feel like they just need to publish some more. It’s bullcrap!

Let’s take some examples here where you can find much better success and much better leverage but these are things that most bloggers don’t do.

  • Webinars. What about running webinars? Why are most bloggers not running webinars? It just doesn’t make any sense. Webinars are such a great way to not only create products that can be sold but also to build your list and build the relationship with that list quickly. You should be doing webinars. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t, but most people were just too shy. They don’t think they’re going to be able to do good jobs and they steer away from it. Well, again it comes down to doing what most bloggers are not willing to do.
  •  Product Creation. What about product creation? Most bloggers are not willing to take the time to actually create a product. Or they sit there and overanalyze the whole thing to death and think they’re going to make the Encyclopedia Britannica and you don’t have to do that! So, don’t sit there and steer away from product creation because of all these excuses. Just do it! Again, it comes down to doing what most bloggers are not willing to do.
  • Videos. What about videos? A lot of bloggers, they stick so hard to the written word that they are afraid to do videos or afraid to have their voice out there in front of people. They’re afraid to have a camera on them because they feel like they’re going to just get paralyzed in front of the camera. Well, I don’t care what the excuse is… Videos work and it also really helps in terms of forming relationships. And, you need to be willing to do those things. If I were sitting here afraid for you to hear my voice right now, I would not be doing what most bloggers were not willing to do. But most bloggers will not sit down and make a video like this. They’ll sit there and second-guess themselves.

Take it seriously! Work your ASS off!

Now beyond doing what most bloggers are not willing to do, it also comes down to working your ass off.

Most bloggers will not work their ass off. They’re lazy, they’re looking for shiny objects, and they’re looking for magic bullets. And, it’s sad. Those kinds of people are not really going to make it in this business. They’re going to have day jobs. And the funny thing is – if you put even a fraction of the effort you might put into your regular job into blogging you probably would have better results.

So you absolutely have to be willing to work your ass off and take this stuff seriously.

One of the real truths of the matter is that, those of us who have made really good incomes at this… many times we’ve done it out of pure necessity. There are stories out there – people who’d been laid off from their regular job and they’re like… “Ok, I got to figure something out”. And when you have to figure something out, when your back is up against the wall – you figure something out because you have no choice in the matter.

So, whatever the motivation is, you’ve got to take this stuff seriously and run it like you mean it. And then, you start to come down to what is the real secret to success in blogging. That’s what it is.

The 3 Top Secrets?

  • Doing what most bloggers are not willing to do
  • Working your ass off
  • Taking this seriously.


  1. Yes yes yes! My goodness truth spoken here boy Dave both you and I could talk about endless situations where people think blogs are going to make them instantly rich…psshh! If it were that easy we would all be doing it. Someone starts a blog does one post and thinks BANG! I am going to have hundreds of visitors on demand instantly now and it doesn’t work like that. And I believe that’s why so many people don’t make it because just like you stated they’re just plain lazy and looking for a quick buck.

  2. Dave – read both of your posts back to back. Wow. You just spoke my mind off. Blog comments, twitter or facebook followers doesn’t translate to money. Writing blog posts is not business. A blogger should have a solid “something” to sell. And the blog is just a medium to promote that something.

    Webinars, videos, podcasts etc. not only take hard work, but also a little bit of extra tech skills (when compared to writing text blog posts) and some gut (ya know to face the camera or to talk live to a group of people). There is “some” reason why most bloggers don’t do it (the learning of the necessary skill and overcoming cam shy or anything similar). But when it comes down to making way for our bread and butter, I’m sure we must take it seriously.

    Well put Dave! A must read for all the bloggers.

  3. You really have to have a focused message and a burning desire to get that message out there if you’re a blogger. If you want to make money and make it a business, that is.

    Establish a foundation first. Come from your core being. Stay true to yourself. Establish relationships and then do those things others aren’t willing to do as you said. A bit of controversy doesn’t hurt either!

    Those three things you listed really aren’t that difficult. So, it’s an encouraging thing to see that it can be done!

  4. Damn straight, Dave! Say it like it is!

    The working your ass off is the part most people don’t get. It took me 4.5 years to make more money from my network of websites than my full time job was paying me. A lot of struggle and a lot of mistakes along the way.

    But not only do you need to work your ass off, you need to have a strategy to make money. Unless you’re one of the top .0001% of websites out there, paid advertisers on your sidebar isn’t going to make you money.

    Finally, the one scary part is that your entire livelihood can be wiped out with an algorithm update. I know, I know, create killer content and you won’t get hit. But that’s garbage in my mind. Everyone who hasn’t been hit rides on a white hat high horse thinking that they’re content is superior to others peddling the same crappy content and in most cases, it’s not.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents.


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