One of the many benefits of being a Concierge client is the option to have your website hosted. This means you not only won’t have a separate hosting bill to deal with, but I will deal with any of the hassles of it for you.

If you already have your own hosting, you can choose to keep it there. However, if you would like to have me host your site, I will be using Rocket.Net to host your site.

Let me tell you a bit about Rocket hosting and why I chose it for not only myself, but my clients.

Rocket is a fully managed WordPress host. This means the entire hosting environment is engineered precisely to optimum performance for WordPress sites. Their support is among the best in the business and they are widely respected for their incredible support.

Rocket’s infrastructure is tightly integrated in with Cloudflare Enterprise. This is a global content delivery network that caches your site as close as possible to the internet backbone, meaning fastest possible page delivery to your site’s visitors regardless of where they are in the world. This makes Rocket-powered sites typically faster than any sites on the likes of WPEngine, Flywheel, Cloudways, WPX, Kinsta, etc. It is usually 2-3X faster than sites on Google Cloud (such as with SiteGround).

I won’t get into all the tech stuff on this, but I’ll just point you to the blog post written by the CEO of Rocket: The Rocket Difference: How We Created The Fastest WordPress Hosting In The World!.

Truth is, much of your site’s traffic won’t even touch the server. It will be delivered directly by Cloudflare Enterprise (which would cost upwards of $6,000/month if you were to get it for yourself). But, for non-cached traffic, know that the servers hosting your site are incredibly powerful and way faster than the likes of what I was using on Cloudways. 32+ CPU cores, 128GB RAM, NVMe storage drives, unlimited PHP workers, free Object Cache Pro, and more. Frankly, even the most expensive server offered by Cloudways couldn’t touch it.

With Rocket Hosting, you will have:

  • The fastest possible hosting for highest possible site performance scores and a WordPress admin panel that doesn’t crawl.
  • Built-in web application firewall (not only by the hosting, but by me as well). Absolutely no need to burden your site with the likes of WordFence.
  • Malware protection (again, not only by Rocket but also by me). This is real-time, automated scanning and prevention.
  • Easy staging sites

I used Cloudways for a long time. Rocket is better and more hands-off.

Hosting one site with Rocket.Net would be $30/month if you were to do so directly. It costs more… because it’s better. But, as a Concierge client, Rocket hosting is included if you choose to use it. đź‘Ť