Ready To Switch To FluentCRM
But Don't Know How?

Let me deal with the headache.

I am a massive fan of FluentCRM. You can see my original review here, my later update and when I decided to switch… and even the tale of what it took to switch over from Drip.

FluentCRM is a full marketing automation platform that rivals the likes of Drip or ActiveCampaign in most ways. Yet, it is all self-hosted in your Wordpress site. You save a massive amount of money because you’re now longer paying a monthly bill to host your email list.

I personally saved $1,490 per year by switching to FluentCRM. Your savings could be much larger depending on the size of your list and who you use to host it. Even with smaller lists, though, you can easily save $300-$400 per year on hosting by switching to FluentCRM.

Benefits of FluentCRM

It's Awesome. But...

FluentCRM is not my product. It is built by WP Manage Ninja and, yes, I am an affiliate of their’s. They’re a great bunch of people. But…

One thing I have seen numerous times is people wanting to use FluentCRM, but are confused about how to get it set up and running. Installing the plugin is actually the easy part. After that, you’ve got to…

  • Choose and set up a third-party SMTP service to actually send the emails
  • Connect FluentCRM to that SMTP service
  • Server configuration (such as CRON) so automations run on time
  • Figure out how to import your existing email list using CSV files
  • Re-build whatever automations you may have in place with your existing provider

It can be nerdy. It can be confusing. For many, it is downright overwhelming and it keeps some people from switching.

Let Me Make It Easy.

Being able to build, grow and use your email list is pretty much the first priority for any online business. And I know that hosting bill for email can be a hit in the beginning. Some even find themselves using crappy email services just because they’re free or cheap… and they don’t set up with something they can grow on.

If you’re sold on FluentCRM for your business (or own a license you’re not using yet), then maybe I can help you get up and running. Here’s how…

For email service, the most popular option is AmazonSES. It is incredibly cheap. However, Amazon is notoriously complex to deal with when it comes to their web services. I’ll help you wade through it. Together, we’ll get your site connected, get you out of sandbox mode and have you ready to send emails.

If you are migrating to FluentCRM from another provider, we obviously don’t want to lose existing subscribers. So, I’ll help you import everybody. Now, some people have complex setups that might require a lot more work. For that, see below for some further info.

Lastly, to have FluentCRM running, you’re going to need the basics set up. That means your opt-in forms need to be connected to FluentCRM and any automated emails need to be properly sent. I can help with that, too.

Basically, when we’re done together, you will be off to the races and fully transitioned to FluentCRM. And you’ll be able to cancel that expensive hosting bill with your previous provider.

Details, Details...

OK, there’s always a bit of fine print. So, here it is…

No, you will need to purchase your own license.

Not at all. That’s the beauty of using a self-hosted platform. There is no “growth tax” as your list grows. It is your list on your own server and it can be as big as you can make it.

Most people have a fairly straightforward email list of names and email addresses. Perhaps there is some custom field data to move over, too. And that’s totally fine. However…

In some cases, people have much more complex setups. This could include complex tagging structures, sales history, etc. In some cases, we can import it. In others, it involves substantially more work. If in doubt, just reach out and ask me.

If you’re like most people with a normal list of names and emails, we can import it as part of this package. However, if you are migrating from a more complex setup (like I did when I moved over from Drip), then there is definitely much more work involved. I can still help you, but the project will be more custom and will not fall under this package price rate. Reach out to me and let’s talk and see what might be involved for you.

This package offer is aimed primarily at blog owners with fairly predictable setups. This means a basic welcome sequence, emails to deliver a lead magnet… things like that. And yes, I will help you re-create that inside FluentCRM.

Not included in this package, though, is re-building sales funnels, automated marketing sequences and more complex marketing automation. That entails rebuilding the “plumbing” of your business and, again… I can help you do it, but it will require more work and time. So, reach out and let’s talk.

In most cases, no. It is very efficiently coded. Plus, you’re not actually sending your emails from your web host, but instead using a third-party such as Amazon. You should be fine right where you are. When I get in and take a look at your setup, I will let you know if I think a hosting change is warranted in your case.

Nope, that’s all you. If you’re migrating from another provider, chances are you already have the basic emails written and we’ll just copy them over. If you’re lacking something, it will be up to you to write it. I’ll be there to guide you on what is needed. And you can write it, send it to me, and I’ll set up inside of FluentCRM.

Every site is different. Plus, I obviously have other clients going at the same time. I would say… give me a week as a safe guess. But, keep in mind…

Some of the speed depends on you. I will need logins. In some cases, emails may need to be written. There’s also the process of getting Amazon to approve you and move you out of their “sandbox” and that may involve some additional steps. For instance, they’re going to want to see a privacy policy on your site and see proof that you’re properly handling unsubscribes, bounces, etc. Don’t  worry… we’ll get it all done. But, point is… there will be some back and forth and potentially a little waiting.

I can help with the basics. But, this package is about getting you up and running, not giving you a private training session. You can ask them questions, look at their support documents, and even join their customer Facebook group. In due time, I may even record and publish a course here inside the Academy on using FluentCRM. To be honest, it isn’t very difficult to use. I think you’ll be fine. If you DO want to book a private call with me to have me show you specific things with FluentCRM, I’m happy to do it but that will be a strategy call and require service credits to schedule.

As always, if you have any other questions first, feel free to contact us and we’ll knock it out.

What's your time worth?

One-Time Package Fee

$ 350
  • Installation and setup of FluentCRM (your license must be purchased separately)
  • Set up of email SMTP service and connection made so you can send emails
  • Import of your existing email list (see limitations above)
  • Connection of existing opt-in forms to FluentCRM
  • Basic automations re-created and running so you're ready to roll (see limitations above)

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