Service Packages

The way I use service credits for tech services provides a lot of flexibility for my clients. Every site is different, after all. But…

I’m often asked how many credits I think it will take to do certain projects. And sometimes, potential clients just want to know upfront what to expect rather than just “playing it by ear” and buying credits as needed.

For that reason, I have assembled a few package deals. You can look at it as a menu of services, if you will. For certain things that are relatively predictable. In some cases, these packages will even save you money over using the credit system.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

FluentCRM Transition Service

Want to switch to FluentCRM but find setting up email service and imports too confusing? Let me do it for you. I’ll help you get set up with AmazonSES (or service of your choice) and help import your list.

Starter Membership Site Package

Everything you need to run your membership site, including online course platform, shopping cart, marketing automations and even your web hosting. All set up for you. This is all about simplicity.

Power Membership Site Package

Build a more advanced, community-driven membership site that essentially runs just like the Blog Marketing Academy itself.

Coming soon

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