Get A Private Walkthrough Of YOUR Site With Actionable Feedback & Advice To Make It Better

Find out what I would do with your website.

It is incredibly easy to develop tunnel vision with your own website. Since you’re the one working on it, it is easy to have blind spots and simply not be aware of the weak points of your own site. The thing is…

Whether you’re aware of those weak spots or not, they can still affect the performance and conversion rates of your site. It can effect how quickly your email list grows, your SEO, and your sales.

By having me perform a private blog review on your site, I will help you find those blind spots. I will help you find out the weak points of your site and what is good and bad.

Not that I think my viewpoint is the most important. But, I have been at this for almost 25 years now. I have a LOT of experience in the technology and marketing of blogging and membership sites. So, what I offer is an informed opinion. Another set of eyes on YOUR site.

During my review of your website, I will be looking at:

  • The design and branding and how well it communicates your value proposition
  • Your content, structure and how it might be affecting your SEO
  • Your email list building effectiveness and how you might be able to improve it.
  • The technical setup and specific tips for better capability and site performance
  • Feedback on your sales funnel (if any) and overall customer flow and how it could be improved.

When you schedule a blog review, here’s what will happen…

First, you will fill out a quick form to tell me your concerns about your site. You can ask me specific questions and help me know what specific areas you want to make sure I address.

Next, I will do an initial walkthrough of your site on my own. I may then have some questions for you to make sure I am able to give you the most actionable review. Lastly…

I will then record a private video walkthrough of your site. It will be just me browsing your site and talking through it. I will be providing direct, unfiltered feedback on what I see. In the words of one of my customers, I will tell you “what’s good and what sucks”. :) I will be sure to address the areas above as well as any areas you specifically asked me to take a look at.

That video will be shared with you privately. It will not be posted to any public video sharing site. You will be able to download the video, too, and use it as a reference so you can apply changes to your site on your own schedule.

This private blog review costs 1 service credit. As long as you have at least one credit on your member account, you can submit a request for review.

After it is done, if you would like to schedule a followup call to talk things over on Zoom, you can schedule a strategy call using another credit.

Easy peasy. :)