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Put A Trusted Expert Advisor On Your Team - Available To Answer All Your Burning Questions Whenever You Get Stuck. 

All the training + Personal Coaching + No Contracts.

Activate your PLATINUM Account For Instant Access To:

  • Everything included in the LAB PRO Membership, plus...
  • Private, personal email access to David on demand, to get all your burning questions answered whenever you need them
  • Service credit(s) added to your account automatically each month, so you can book strategy calls and/or get direct technical help

Sometimes, our biggest barrier to success is ourselves.

Having an experienced outside perspective can put you over the edge.

Look, we all get stuck sometimes. Despite having access to training, sometimes there are those specific questions that you just have a hard time answering. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what the exact right move is in your particular case.

It can wear on you after awhile. You start to lose your mojo. You get frustrated.

But, what if you had an expert in your pocket? What if you had direct access to somebody with over 20 years of experience in blogging, online marketing, membership sites and even the technical stuff?

And... what if this expert didn't just answer questions you ask, but also helped you plan, gave you feedback, tracked along with you and provided some accountability so that you don't lose track of your goals?

Stop Trying To Go It Alone.

This universe is designed to work in pairs. For energy to flow, two terminals are necessary. You just look at the basics of electronics to see that is true. But, we can look even in human relations and we see it is true as well. We can only do so much when we're alone. When we're in partnership with another, the energy flows.

Building and growing an online business is a pretty big project. It is tough enough as it is, but it is made much harder when you're going it alone. Putting another on your "team" can make all the difference.

It can mean:

  • Have a second set of eyes to see things from a perspective other than your own
  • Have somebody to hold you accountable
  • Have somebody to proactively reach out and keep you on track
  • Have somebody help you determine what's really important and what to work on
  • Have somebody to help debug problems that come up so that you can keep moving.

As you are working to grow your business, you might have a question about your offer, your landing page, your branding, ads, website, funnels, lead magnets, your blog posts, the emails being sent to your list, your SEO, membership site, platforms, your traffic strategy.... ok, you get the idea. :) Any number of things could come up and you could use some quick feedback or advice on how to press forward and make things happen a helluva lot faster.

Regardless of what it is, you ask... and I'll reply with a real, personal answer within a day. It is like having me in your hip pocket. You'll also have the credits to book a strategy session at any time.

Tripled My Monthly Sales


Finding and trusting someone to help you with your business is not easy! I'm so incredibly happy that I decided to put my trust in David and the Platinum coaching program. This affordable coaching has enabled me to triple my monthly sales and keep a steady flow of earnings coming in. Working with David has truly allowed me to step up in the blogging world from a hobby blogger to a full fledged business owner. Thank you David!!

Holly Daniel

Here's How LAB Platinum Works...

LAB Platinum is a coaching program for people who like flexibility.

Most online business coaching is done in a snobby way. It is often very high-priced and sometimes comes with high pressure and/or contracts. I'm simply not interested in that game.

LAB Platinum is an enhanced level of LAB membership where you will have coaching access on top of all the training and support resources of THE LAB.

You'll have access to ALL of the same training and resources as a LAB PRO member, but on top of that, you'll have direct (private) access to me via email as well as service credits to redeem for my direct, personal help.

LAB Platinum is for LAB members who want to be able to work with me personally.

When You Become A Client, You Get...

  • Unlock The Coaching Portal - our web-based portal for all coaching interaction inside THE LAB
  • A personalized online business program.  I will prepare a full game plan on your best, most efficient path forward for your business. It will take into account your personal situation and where you want to take it. This program will be written and posted into your Coaching Portal so you can access it 24/7. As we work together, we will keep this plan updated to reflect your current situation.
  • Ability to get direct, personal assistance with any online business matter - anytime 
  • Initial 60-minute discovery call to kick things off
  • Personal goal setting and accountability
  • Ongoing personal email support, direct from David.  Any time there is a difficulty, a speed bump or a confusion, I am an email away. You will have access to a personal, private email support box just between you and me. When you need help... just ask. As a PLATINUM client, you are never left alone to figure it out all by yourself.  
  • Monthly personal check-ins and status reports
  • Ongoing supervision based on real numbers (and predictable systems to respond to each situation)

And because we TEACH online marketing and I've been doing it for years now, the work done on your site will be done according to best practices for conversion and sales. I can even offer marketing advice on the task before it is done, as needed.

"No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand."

- Napoleon Hill

What's The "Catch"?

At this pretty low rate for individual coaching, I have to put some limits in place.

My workdays are usually Mon-Fri... 9AM-5PM. Usually, I will attend to all new Platinum support tickets first thing in the morning. This means I will answer you on those days, usually in the morning.

My family and our ability to travel and go camping in the RV is important to me, so be aware that there will be interruptions to my usual schedule from time to time. While I do my best to keep up with Platinum during those times, you need to be understanding.

I ask that you keep your interactions as concise and on topic as possible. I don't expect you to be a robot or anything, but that's the best way to get the most done as efficiently as possible. Please try to limit your interactions to one email per day. I'm not going to hold you to a strict limit or anything, but let's be clear... if you're going to blow up my inbox with 20-30 emails per day, you're going to need to go into a private consulting package. 

If you abuse my time or show disrespect for my time, I will kick you out with no refund.

One final thing is that Platinum isn't really the right fit for you if you have no niche yet, nothing for sale, etc. If you're in the very beginning phases of your business, that's OK as long as you can make decisions and take action. Honestly, tho, if you're in that phase, THE LAB is a better fit for you and once you have the foundational stuff figured out, you and I can work together more effectively.

OK, so that's all the yucky stuff. But, here's a question for you...

What's The Potential Value Of An Answer When You Need It?

  • Maybe You Find An Overlooked Opportunity. Sometimes, the best ideas are sitting there right under our noses and we don't see them. All the reading, all the videos, all the shiny objects distract you and you lose sight of what might be sitting right there.
  • It could save you money. I've had clients ask me about expensive tools they were considering. I look and give them a better alternative without all the cost. 
  • It could save you a TON of time. It is all too easy to spin your wheels and waste time. It could be working on the wrong thing, spending time trying to figure out how to do something, researching tools... or even just losing track. And time is money. Even if you don't think your time is worth anything (not correct), there's still the lost time that you could be making real headway but instead were going sideways.
  • It could MAKE you money. One simple email with a piece of feedback on a landing page or a strategy to implement could increase your conversions. A lot of times, it is the simple things that can have the most impact. 
  • Get a fresh perspective. It's easy to follow a template or some system some guru taught as some kind of catch-all strategy. But, without the benefit of hindsight, sometimes you don't know if it actually applies to you. Every situation is different... and that's something that you see with experience.

No big, long sales letter necessary here. No funny price structures or heavy-handed sales tactics.

Platinum Coaching is different because I have designed it to be scalable on my end... and affordable on your end. This is not going to be some super-pricey coaching program priced into the stratosphere by some self-important "guru".

Here's how we can get started...

Put Me On Your "Board Of Advisors"

Totally flexible & no contracts. Cancel anytime.

We will kick things off with a Discovery Call so I can get to know you and understand your business. You will be able to schedule that call immediately after enrollment.

There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. If you pay for the year in advance, the Discovery Call is included and there is no auto-renewal.

David is a great coach - he honed in on exactly where I needed to improve my sales process and gave me some invaluable advice that I could put into action right away. I have been doing an online blogging business for 6+ years and I respect David's level of expertise and knowledge.

David knows what he is doing and steers you in the right direction for you - not for the next blogging business. You will get specialized knowledge and his uniquely-honed business brain will help you with your thorniest problems!

Sue Dunlevie

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