Does Social Media Work To Jump Start Your Traffic?

There are a lot more ways to build your site’s traffic than social media. This video tells you what more you can do with your blog post other than tweeting and sharing.


I want to talk to you about how you’re building your blog traffic.

Are you doing it using only social media? I mean, does the first thing that comes to mind that you’re going to go out and share your stuff on Facebook and Tweet a lot and magically build up your traffic?

Hey, just be honest with yourself… because the one thing is, I find that – that is what most people seem to be thinking about when it comes to building their traffic. And the thing is; the unfortunate fact here is that for most people that is a non-starter because it’s simply not going to work.

The problem with social media; especially when you’re first getting started is that it has “little to no” leverage. It’s a very poor use of your time and as I’ve said in my most recent blog post, it’s essentially an exercise of multiplying by ONE. And if you are at all familiar with basic arithmetic, you know that you can multiply the number one by anything you want and you’re still going to come up with the answer of one.

And it’s the same thing with social media. If you start out a new social media profile and let’s say you’ve got a few followers, (what have you) it’s a big exercise of multiplying by one because you’re basically tweeting it out there assuming that all those people that are connected with you are actually watching you, for one, which is not the case at all. They’re probably not watching. Now with that on Facebook, not all your friends are seeing all you share. On Twitter, it’s such a fire hose that a lot of what you put out on Twitter is just not seen by a majority of people who follow you. And it’s the same thing with Google+ because there are so many people dropping links into Google+ and it’s just not all that effective.

So, it’s a big exercise of multiplying by one.

So, what you need to be doing is not relying on social media. You want to use social media but it’s best used as a magnifier of something. But that something that you use to build your traffic needs to be something other than social media alone. And that’s when you get in leveraging your post and using your blog post in different avenues such as video and podcasting and slides on SlideShare and repurposing into a document, repurposing into a webinar. There are a lot of things that you can do with your content to get a lot of “play” out of the ideas that you put out in the internet and they’re going to be far better leverage than simply tweeting it out a few times.

So, if you want more information about that, see my most recent blog post over at I look forward to hearing your comments on that and maybe get you some ideas on how to build your traffic.  🙂

But I can tell you straight up… if you’re relying on Twitter and Facebook and stuff to do it, you’re going to be probably disappointed. It’s usually the people who have already built up a decent sized audience who get the most leverage out of social media.


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