Why is it that you can give the best information in the world on your site, and yet barely hear a peep from your readers?

No comments, no retweets, no shares. Its like being in the woods in the dark of night – crickets.

Yet… somebody’s shitty blog with hardly any real useful content seems to get all the activity.

Are they just lucky? What’s the missing X-factor?

Often, it is the STORY.

There’s a reason we fall in love with movies. Even more to the point, there’s a reason why traditional story-based movies almost always get more fanfare than a documentary.

There’s a reason a lady from England writes a story about wizards and it ends up being an international sensation. Actually, her characters become the sensation and she feels obligated to continue the story.

There’s a reason Barack Obama got elected to the presidency despite have zero experience for the job.

That reason is… the STORY.

Have you ever noticed that the best speakers are the ones who weave their major points into a storyline? Those are the ones you remember.

See, people might arrive on your website for the information, but they’ll stick around for the STORY.

The ones who feel a connection with you, who resonate with your story – those are the ones who stick around and become raving fans. Those are the people who will buy from you.

Story-telling is an art. It is one you get better at over time. You don’t want to tell one of those “just the facts, maam” kind of stories. There’s no heart in those. No emotion. They’re flat.

But, when you can tell a story from the heart, one with emotional highs and lows…. and use that story to relay your point…. you’ve done something that many bloggers fail to do.

This is why content-light personal blogs sometimes take off. Even if the content isn’t really helpful at all, the audience feels a kind of comradery with the blogger. They want to know what’s going to happen next. They’ve turned that blogger into a character.

So, think about this…

Instead of lecturing your reader, can you tell them a story? Can you work your own backstory into your content?

I bet you can.

The root word of “authority” is “author”. Think about it. (tweet this)

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