How To Handle Complainers And Rude Emails To Support

How To Handle Complainers And Rude Emails To Support

Got a nasty email from a reader or customer? Got a complaint? Maybe it is out in the public and you’re worried about the right way to handle it? This simple guide discusses the best ways to handle complaints in your online business.

How To Avoid Angry Customer/Reader Emails To Support

  Perhaps you’ve experienced it. Perhaps you yourself have done it. But it goes like this… A person has bought something and something went wrong. Maybe there was a problem with the card. Maybe the shopping cart system flaked out and caused some weird thing to happen. No “thank you” email gets sent, yada yada….

My Search For A Good Customer Help Desk System

  All online businesses – big and small – need to have some kind of system in place for managing customer support. Problem is, like a lot of other things these days, there are about a thousand different options for doing so. Lots of different support desks out there, and it is hard to determine…