A hard look on the danger posed by market dominance and dependence on Big Tech – and how we can reduce our reliance in our own lives, our blogs and our businesses.

I decided to test a boosted post on Facebook for my blog. Here is what happened – both the good and the bad. And lessons learned.

Which comes first for your blog: Traffic or monetization? It used to be that you had to build the audience before you could monetize. Is that still true?

Using Twitter to build traffic today isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. Try these 10 best practices (backed by data) to drive more traffic to your website.

How do you get blog traffic? How do you generate traffic when you’re first starting out? Which strategies are more effective than others? This guide goes into it – in detail.

7 weeks into the new RV blog, we check in on the traffic numbers, email list size… and the tactics I’m using to jump start this brand new blog from scratch.

The last of 3 important “money levers” to grow your business: The sales funnel. Here’s how it is put together and how to work the numbers to your advantage.

Today, we’re going to discuss traffic. Because I know that one of the biggest objections to people just getting started is that they don’t have enough traffic to make any sales.

Enter the world of retargeting. Retargeting is the absolute easiest way to get started in paid traffic. It is also very cheap and very easy to get a VERY good ROI with it. It also just so happens to short-circuit the entire problem of bounce rate.

In this episode, we directly pit free traffic methods up against paid traffic. I outline several different free traffic methods and how they work, then we compare up against how things work when you use paid traffic.