TBP 001: Introduction, Step-by-Step Blog Launch Plan

Finally! This is the first session of The Blog Program – a brand new podcast with your’s truly.

You can listen to it right here on the blog, or download it to your computer or MP3 player. I’m in the process of getting it set up in iTunes. Once that is up and in place, I’ll be sure to let you guys know (of course).


See the update at the bottom of this post!

Finally! This is the first session of The Blog Program – a brand new podcast with your’s truly.

You can listen to it right here on the blog, or download it to your computer or MP3 player. I’m in the process of getting it set up in iTunes. Once that is up and in place, I’ll be sure to let you guys know (of course).

This podcast is something that I’ve been thinking of doing for awhile. I went back and forth on it, but finally decided to make 2012 the year I make it happen. Of course, one of the people who was helpful in putting me over the edge on this was my friend, Pat Flynn. His SPI podcast has done very well. Pat also helped me in private with a few recommendations behind the scenes, so… Pat, thanks dude. 🙂

Which brings us to Episode #1. This episode includes:

  • A short introduction to the show.
  • A little bit about me (mainly for people who find me on the podcast and haven’t been a reader for awhile).
  • The step-by-step blog launch plan (I cover a LOT of info in this overview… much of it stuff I will get into more detail on in later episodes)
  • A few words about what’s coming with this podcast

A Few Notes On The Path Forward

Podcasting is pretty much a totally new thing for me. So, I full expect to get better at it over time. A few notes:

  • The audio on this episode was pretty decent, but it was recorded on a headset mic. I am intending to equip myself with the Heil PR40 and really make sure the audio is great – especially for people who listen to me in headphones and can hear every little audio imperfection. I’ll be getting all this stuff set up soon.
  • The format of the show is a big experiment. The layout of it might change. Plus, I’m fully expecting to have guests on the show from time to time as well.
  • The title – The Blog Program – wasn’t accidental. It happened to work out really well for a podcast. But, the word “program” also refers to a step-by-step approach to executing something. And, that’s certainly a huge component to what I have in mind with this podcast. Because one of the BIG things bloggers pine for is CLARITY and STEP-BY-STEP guidance. So, I’m hoping that my podcast (and I have some ideas on extending this beyond the podcast) will be that clarity… and provide some order to all the information and noise out there.


Update: Just Approved In iTunes

Just about an hour ago, the podcast got approved for iTunes. It isn’t listed in the public listings quite yet… and they tell me it might take a day or two to appear in the search listings in iTunes.

But… if you’re interested, click here for the direct listing. And, of course, I’d REALLY appreciate your review inside of iTunes. It helps me in a number of ways. Thanks!

About David Risley
David Risley is the founder of the Blog Marketing Academy, a 20-year veteran blogger and online entrepreneur. His focus? Building a reliable, recurring business around his "lifestyle" and the lives of his students. He has this weird obsession with traveling in his motorhome around the country with his wife and 2 kids. David also likes to talk about himself in the third person. In bios like this one. Read his full story.
  • Churchill says:

    Just the information I was looking for. I will start by thanking you for the info you had on PCmech.com. I learnt everything I know about building computers from your site back in the 90s. For the past 10 years I have been teaching ICT thanks to you. Now I just entered the blogging world and I am sure I will learn a lot from your podcast. Thank you.

  • George Diaz says:

    Just heard this first podcast, so I guess I am a month behind, but feel that I will be hearing more than one a day. Thanks for all the insight.

  • Kim says:

    Your new podcast couldn’t have come at a better time. I have purchased my domain name and I am working on what to do next. Especially figuring out my tagline and personal branding. The information you provided was outstanding and I look forward to hearing more. I think you really have great insight on what people are needing and looking for.

    Congratulations on a great show.

    Kim Litchford

  • Kerwin says:

    Hi David,
    Just listened to the downloadable file on a flight and live it.
    Good luck and I love the format and the little music between items :-).

  • Peterfranks007 says:

    Audio was fine for me and I only have a low-end DSL connection.  Great message. Wish I could offer some criticism but cannot. Thank you for sharing this way. You are a good man, David. I look forward to future “episodes.

    Thanks again.

  • Brent says:

    Just finished listening and thought you did a great job. I’ve downloaded several other podcasts before but actually never made it through a whole one before, until now, so congratulations on making it interesting enough to keep my interests beyond what some of the “big shots” have been able to accomplish.

    You did a great job of giving enough nuggets of info ie. Awebber v. Mailchimp, and Namecheap v. GoDaddy to make it useful but not overwhelming and gave me reasons to listen in the future. This is just the kind of stuff I need as I begin my blogging journey.

    Again great job!

  • Tams says:

    Just listened to the podcast and can’t wait to hear more. Great idea! 

  • Andrea says:

    Congrats – you got a winner!

  • Any comments on “Blogger Blueprint” ?

  • Any comments on “Blogger Blueprint” ?

  • Allesandra says:

    You can listen to it right here

  • christhesoundguy says:

    A suggestion…after you record the next one, run it through an audio program like audacity and roll off a bit of the low end. Speech intelligibility is enhanced by dropped some low end and boosting a tad of the high-end frequencies. I could get into tweaking midrange but I’d rather keep this simple. I’d be happy to help more if you’re interested. Let me know.

    p.s. loved the podcast.

    • Thank. I’m still learning how to do the audio quality side of things. The second episode was kept simply, using the Blue Snowball mic. But, after that, I’m using better equipment and we’ll see how it all works. 🙂

  • Listened to your podcast over on iTunes…GREAT show, great info.  I tried to leave a comment over there and couldn’t for some reason.  Probably OE….

    Anyway…keep it up…even though you and I ARE competing for the same dollar!

  • Ok, subscribed, this will go into my iphone.

  • Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me ! I will post a 
    link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful

  • Du hoc Anh says:

    Good share David! I follow it and share with my friend. Thank you:)

  • Kerwin says:

    Congrats on getting the first one out David.
    Say, what’s the procedure to get the podcast on iTunes?
    When podcasts were hot a few years back i did a few; not sure if you remembered Odeo :-). I used to use that to deliver them.

    I will listen to it tomorrow when I’m on a flight :-).

  • That’s pcmech.com. My other site. 🙂

  • Doing something new is a good thing, David.  The challenge with audio and video is the difficulty to ‘scan’.  Consequently, I end up downloading them to my phone which has the capability of playing 2x or more (you sound like the guy who always does the legal disclaimers in advertisements) and slowing down to ‘normal’ for the more important stuff. any suggestions on a PC based solution?

  • Awesome David, I am looking forward to listening to it.

  • Congrats on the launch, buddy.

    See, it didn’t hurt, did it…?!!!!

    Seriously – great job. Thoroughly love your laid back discussion mode, keep it – really – it’s different from the hype-ridden podcasts that are out there.

    More power to ‘Handsome Dave’…!!!


  • Jason says:

    David, glad to see you join the podcast game. I have to be honest, I’m not an avid follower as I focus on “those adsense sites” and not the branding, create a following type of stuff you usually post about (I try to keep my reader at a minimum). But I have been around off and on for the last couple years and find that your delivery style on webinars (and now podcast) is very down to earth and not sleezy sale-sy. I’ll definitely be a listener though. Finding good podcasts for my hour commute has been somewhat hard to come by. Congrats on the first podcast. 

  • Jennifer says:

    Thought it was a great Podcast.  As a new blogger with a zillion questions, it’s good to know I’m on the right track.  I was wondering if you have any thoughts about Feedblitz versus Feedburner + Aweber combination.  I’m leaning towards Feedblitz.

    • I haven’t used Feedblitz in at least a couple years. Last I tried it, I didn’t like it very much. Interface was horrible and I didn’t like the way it worked. But, again, that was a couple years ago.

  • You might look at the MXL 990 mic before spending 3x as much on the Heil.  It is what I use on my mp3 and video screencast tutorials.  Great mic for tiny dollars.

  • Eric says:

    Great stuff, David!

    A podcast makes the message from the blogger a lot more personal and I always like it when I find bloggers doing that.

    Unless I missed it, you’re still going to keep the podcast on here as well as on iTunes, in the future, am I right?

    I never use iTunes but do like to take some time out and just listen to the entire thing off the blog itself.

    Keep at it, you’re doing great and I look forward to hearing more sessions.

  • Courtney James says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.

  • Are you using the Podcast category as the RSS feed to send to iTunes?

  • David 

    I’m listening to it now, Im pretty sure I will learn something of value from this

  • David 

    I’m listening to it now, Im pretty sure I will learn something of value from this

      • David

        I just got through listening. I love blogging, I think its a great way to build a brand by adding alot of value. I got my start by stumbleling upon my blogging role model John Chow, and ever since, I been building my own little following online. I been blogging for six months now.

        and I wanted to ask you one last thing, I’m currently creating a product line for my blog, and since its like my frist time creating my own product, I didnt want to go ahead and put them on clickbank, I was just going to go and sell them with paypal using my blog.

        Now being it my first time making my frist product to sell, do you think its an absolute must that I put them on clickbank, because I have plans to create other products to put on clickbank. And I add a lot of value in my products.

  • >