TBP 015: The State of Blogging in 2014

In this episode, David talks about the state of blogging in 2014, based on a recent free report he released called The State of Blog Marketing in 2014. This episode covers 5 quick points from that report, including what Google’s search changes mean for your content, why you have to think beyond your blog, and various aspects of marketing that you MUST be doing in order to have your content stand out in the crowd in the coming year.


Sometimes it is valuable to step back and look at the big picture. And in this episode of The Blog Program, that’s exactly what we’re doing when it comes to the state of blogging.

See, if you stay in a bubble, then you’ll just keep on doing things the same old way. And if the world is changing around you, you won’t keep up.

I know this more than most. Not only have I been doing this long enough to see just how much things have changed… but I also know what it is like to stay in a bubble and not adjust to change. I got sorta good at that last year. 😉

In this episode, we step back and look at the trends – and what they mean for us as content creators. I talk about:

  • How Google’s search changes have affected the world of blogging.
  • Why old-school link building is dead.
  • Why sticking to written blogging only is a loser’s proposition.
  • What its going to take to stand out in the noise.
  • How we’re moving into a “pay to play” environment, and what this means about building your OWN platform.
  • Why email delivery rates have fallen, and what you need to do about it.

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The material in this episode is a preview of my latest FREE report… the State of Blog Marketing in 2014.

In order to take the ideas in this podcast and expand upon it into some more actionable information, I would encourage you to grab your copy of this report.

You’ll grab it in simple PDF format, so you can check it out on any device you want, including Kindle, tablet, phone, or your computer.

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Some stories on other sites which talk about various upcoming trends in content marketing:



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