Ten Minute Pages Officially Launches [Bonuses]

It is that time.

Ten Minute Pages has just officially launched to the general public.

My suggestion is that you go grab a license to it. As my friend, Justin Brooke, recently said on a thread on my Facebook page…

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.37.42 AM

And, I agree. 🙂

John Reese called this “the 2013 product of the year”. He said:

I really believe this is the best tool created in the past 10 years. Now anyone can easily setup any type of marketing page or site fast. Makes testing much faster and of course makes it much faster to start generating revenue.

I’m also really proud to see Kyle finally launch this. The amount of personal and business growth he has undergone to get to this point is really nuts. So, good job, my friend. 🙂

Now, as for you guys…

Academy Bonuses

The Academy is going to straight-up incentivize you to take action on this.

  • If you sign up for Kyle’s “Starter” plan, we will “comp” you into our Academy Tech Workshop (opens in new window). This is your opportunity to have ME help you with your technical constraints on your blogging. Usually sells for $249. You’ll get it for free.
  • If you sign up for one of Kyle’s premium or ultimate packages, we will ALSO follow up with you to schedule a private, 1-on-1 consulting call between you and I. I can help you strategize some things for your business.

These huge bonuses are for all action takers who enroll in Ten Minute Pages during this initial launch window.

Here’s the thing…

Kyle is opening this now, but he will be shutting it down again for a little while. Why? So that he can ensure his systems and support team are properly handling the increased volume since this is the first time the general public has ever had sign-up access for this without going through a partner directly.

Once he knows his team is up to speed, Ten Minute Pages will be permanently open to the public.

But, from right now through the time Kyle closes it down, my bonus offer stands.

My assistant will then be in touch with you about hooking you up with your bonuses. We’ll get direct word from Kyle’s team of everybody who buys, so there shouldn’t be any need for you to do anything. Just start getting acquainted with Ten Minute Pages from the inside (you’re gonna love it)… and we’ll be in touch.


OK. Then, get on over there. 🙂



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