Ten Minute Pages Makes Your Marketing Pages Into Child’s Play

When you want to make landing pages, squeeze pages and other similar pages… what do you use?

A lot of people use OptimizePress. And, OptimizePress is quite a good tool. But, it isn’t without its hassles. Namely…

  • You have to install Wordpress, even if you just want a simple landing page
  • You have to learn an entire collection of short codes and template names.
  • When you use shortcodes, you have to enter it in, save, then refresh to see what it looks like. If it isn’t quite right, then you have to go back and do it again. It can take quite a while to do, depending on what you’re trying to build.
  • You’ve got a ton of different options under the main content, all which you need to learn.

In the end, as awesome as OptimizePress is, it still wasn’t exactly easy for the newbie. There was still a learning curve.

Have you experienced that? I sure as hell have. 🙂

… which is why I’m excited to bring a new tool to your attention.

Tomorrow evening, I’ve invited my good friend, Kyle Graham, to come demonstrate this new tool to you, called Ten Minute Pages. To find out more about what he’s built, RSVP for this webinar:

Ten Minute Pages: Groundbreaking Drag & Drop Software Builds Profitable Marketing Campaigns in 10 Minutes

We’re going to start from scratch and build a fully functioning online marketing campaign on the call.

No product built. Just an idea, and we’ll build the thing on the webinar.

Plus, we’re going to answer a TON of questions, not limited simply to the software.

Ten Minute Pages: Groundbreaking Drag & Drop Software Builds Profitable Marketing Campaigns in 10 Minutes

See you on the call.


This webinar is over. But, to learn more about Ten Minute Pages, click here.

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  1. Sounds great…I emailed James over at Optimize Press as to when they were coming out with a new version, and they never got back to me.

    Looking forward to checking out the webinar. Can this integrate with Elegant Themes?


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