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Testing Out Recording iPhone Video In The Car

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Another one of my daily quickie videos. This time testing the functionality and convenience of recording from an iPhone in the car.


So, this is the X-mount that I was talking about recently in my second daily update video. It came in; ordered it from Amazon and was brought to me aday before I was expecting because Amazon is awesome and I just want to test it out.

So, basically, what I’ve got here is a little suction cup thing on my windshield. A “universal little clippy”thing. It allows me to put my iPhone in that thing even though it has a case on it. I’ve got a little auto box case on there. I don’t have to take the thing off. So, a lot of these attachments that you find out therefor the iPhone; you have to take the case off, put it in some special case with a tripod now, so, I found one that is universal. Literally it’s like 4 little pins and it just comes down and grabs the phone and you could put the phone in there in a second or two. It’s really, really cool.

And then, the only other thing that I’ve done is I went ahead and picked up a little remote here for the iPhone. So, it seems kind of weird, “why do I need a remote control to control something which is just literally sitting a foot and a half away from me?”

Well, it’s because I can start and stop the video without having to reach over there and find it. Especially if I use the rear camera of my phone, I can’t see my own screen. So, it will be sitting there and trying to hunt for the thing will really be annoying. With this, all I got to do is make sure I launch the camera app.so what I can do is put the camera app in my shortcut bar at the bottom and just maybe launch it before I put it in and then as long as that app is open and running, I can start and stop the recording with the remote control and have some control over it without having to do anything funky-wonky.

So, far it’s a good little setup. The only thing I don’t yet have is my microphone adaptor to allow me to record having a mic. But actually, with my few little tests the audio is not too bad even though I’m just talking to you on the built-in microphone. So… so far my quest is systematizing and making it really easy to record videos from the car. It’s kind’a working out here. And maybe in the next video or something like that I’d to show some of the gear that I bought, on screen. You guys can check it out if you want. I’ll probably have to hand-hold the camera in order to show that to you.

So, anyway… I saw some people in Facebook by the way, they’re looking and saying that they were looking to maybe do something that I’m doing because I was motivating them to do it or something and… That’s so cool! A lot of us are carrying around a phone so it’s really easy! You just got to take the effort and get the stuff you need so that you’re not going to be sitting there worrying about how much work it is; you’re just able to do it. So that’s what I’m doing by buying these few little items.

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