Thesis Versus StudioPress + Safety Concerns On My Car Videos

In this somewhat random video update, David responds to some viewer concern about his car videos. He also discusses one of the reasons why he chose the Genesis Framework (StudioPress) over the Thesis framework.






A few things I wanted to talk about – and this is going to be more on the “miscellaneous” video blog.

One is; to those of you guys who are really worried about the fact that I’ve recorded some videos while I’m in my car. I got your concern; I really appreciated your concern, I’m glad that you guys are concerned about me. But just to let you guys know, if I thought that there was a safety issue, I would have never have done it. I just want to let you guys know, I’m not holding the phone, it’s sitting in a little stand and I hardly even look at it. I literally hit the button and that’s it. In fact, I even have a remote control for that. So, basically, I don’t look at it any different than talking to somebody who might be sitting in the passenger’s seat next to me. So, that’s pretty much that. I’m not going to say much more to it; I’ve had a few other people who have done these types of videos telling me that they got the same thing when they did car videos, that there were people worried about their safety, so I got it… The reaction that I got in that regard is not unique but at the same time, okay… 🙂

Secondly, I am working on converting my blog over to StudioPress and I want to talk a little bit about that. I’m really happy with StudioPress or the Genesis Framework, I should say. I’m glad that I chose it, by the way, over Thesis.

Thesis is a great framework. I don’t have a lot of experience with it but I’ve seen it, I’ve seen behind the scenes, I know some people that work with it and I’ve got nothing bad to say about Thesis. I also have met the guys behind it and I think that they’re topnotch and know exactly what they’re doing. But like anything else, as a consumer I have to make a choice and I did choose to go with the Genesis Framework over the Thesis Framework.

There were several reasons for that. I would probably write a blog post on my own personal decision but one of them is the licensing conflict with Thesis and WordPress. Now, there’s been a big debate and battle about that in the past few years with Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg sort of go on at it… they just don’t like each other very much, basically and it comes down to a disagreement on the GPL license in basically what should be free and what should be open source and all that stuff and I can totally see Chris Pearson’s standpoint. I really can.

That being said, when you work with WordPress, it goes a little better. And the StudioPress guy at the Genesis Framework does work with the licensing with WordPress; it has a GPL license. And one of the side effects of that is the fact that it is a lot easier to find plug-ins that work specifically with the Genesis framework. If you go to the plug-in directory, and go search for the word Genesis, you’re going to find a lot more plug-ins over there that are available for it than you’re going to find for Thesis. And it’s because Thesis is somehow frowned upon because of the licensing thing by the “official” WordPress community whereas the Genesis framework is not. And so, therefore I feel like there’s more community support for it. There is definitely a community behind Thesis but it’s mainly a third party type of community and there’s a lot of help out there for it but, I feel like there’s more community support for the Genesis framework and there’s definitely a lot more plug-ins for it and that makes my job a helluva lot easier.

So, anyway, I’m really happy with it. I’m probably going to be launching the re-design for and that’s in 2 or 3 days and it will be based on the Genesis framework. Now, when I say “re-design” it’s not going to be a total re-design, it’s going to have a lot of similarities to what the site looks like right now but it’s going to look somewhat different and it’s going to be totally based on the framework. And obviously, as I launch that, I will have more to say about why I chose StudioPress and maybe some tutorials on how I made the transition. But in the meantime, I definitely recommend StudioPress.

I think what I’ll do is record my video blog from the nicer camera when I’m in the office. And if I’m not in the office, I’m still going to use my iPhone because it’s really fast. This is a little bit slower but being that I can type it into ScreenFlow really quick and ScreenFlow has got an automatic upload to YouTube option it’s still pretty quick. I’m not going to do any editing all these other than a couple of video and my audio together and then Bam! It’s out the door. It’s still pretty fast.



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  1. I agree with those voicing concerns re: filming while driving. I’d even say in my country it might even be illegal, as you’re not able to concentrate 100% on the traffic around you.
    Of course, great advice as always

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    Friends and lovers: Thesis now sports a split GPL license. Huzzah for harmony! #thesiswp
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    3:30 PM – 22 Jul 10

    So, what’s the beef? At this point it probably just comes down to who
    can be the most right for the longest period of time.

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