TBP006: The Ultimate Outsourcing Guide For Bloggers

Bloggers often get hung up on the smallest things. Many times, things they probably shouldn’t even be doing anyway.

In this episode, I bring on a good friend, Chris Ducker from Virtual Business Lifestyle. Chris is an expert on outsourcing to the Philippines.


Bloggers often get hung up on the smallest things. Many times, things they probably shouldn’t even be doing anyway.

In this episode, I bring on a good friend, Chris Ducker from Virtual Business Lifestyle. Chris is an expert on outsourcing to the Philippines.

We break down all the in’s and out’s of outsourcing, how it works, what you can have them do, how to find them, what to pay them – etc. You don’t have to do everything yourself… and having somebody to help you is much easier than you may have realized.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What kinds of things a blogger could have a VA do for them.
  • What NOT to have your VA do for you.
  • How to avoid pitfalls and growing pains with your first VA.
  • How to actually find and hire a VA in the Phillipines.
  • How to deal with concerns about whether a full-time person is overkill for you.
  • How to go about training your VA on how you want things done.
  • Cultural traits of people in the Phillipines, and how it compares to other countries.
  • What to pay them.

And this time, we’ve got a transcript! I want to thank Chris, in fact, for it. He had one of his people do the transcript for me – which I thought was quite fitting, given the topic. 🙂

Lastly, I’d like to refer you to – and wholeheartedly recommend – Chris’s Virtual Staff Finder service. I worked with them some time ago to find a VA. It was a great experience. They do a lot of legwork for you, and it was a pleasure working with Stephanie (the lady who worked with me through the process).

If you want to find a VA inside the Philippines, let the people with the on-the-ground connections inside the country do the legwork for you. It saves a ton of guesswork and legwork when you compare it to trying to do it yourself. The service is more than worth it.

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  • Luke Young says:

    Great podcast, David. I’m waiting for further useful information in your site.

  • Beau P says:

    Would love to see a post about the top 50 things a VA could do for your blog/business that a person does not or doesn’t want to do..

  • Dave,
    Chris Ducker is hilarious and really knowledgeable. I liked the idea of having a VA WordPress developer to work on client sites and other business. It clicks with a business idea I have trolling about in my head. Good episode, keep it up.

  • Bernd Geropp says:

    Dear David, dear Chris,
    Great podcast. That was what I needed to get a better idea on VA’s. I love the “three list to freedom” Chris talked about.
    I plan to worl on that in July. Depending on the outcome of the list, I will get in touch with Virtual Staff Finder.

    • Glad you appreciated the chat, Bernd.

      Look forward to maybe working with you on your VA plans, sometime in the future.


  • Brenton says:

    PPS: when posting a comment I tried doing it via the Facebook option, but it gave me an error. Just thought I’d let you know in case it’s a common occurrence.

  • Brenton says:

    Hi David, thanks for this interview. Your audio is great quality, which program did you use for this interview? ie Skype
    PS: love your spam comment reply down the page.

  • Rich Entenman says:

    David,  Thanks for the information. Also want to say thanks for including a transcript too. As usual you go to extra mile giving us the info in formats which we all can use.

    • David Risley says:

      Thanks, Rich. Gotta pass on thanks to Chris’s people, though, as they’re the ones who did the transcript for me. 🙂 But, given the reaction, I might begin doing them for my episodes from this point forward.

  • Cody says:

    Wow. Superb content there. Can’t believe I just got that for free 😉 I definitely don’t need a full time VA so bot sure if VSF is for me, but I could definitely think of a ton of things that could be done while I sleep at least on a few hour a week schedule.

  • Psabaj says:

    Really enjoyed the info. Thanks
    By the way I really like the new look and the logo for the blog program. I can’t make the Blog World East but hope to see you in Vegas. Have a great week and thanks again for the interview. By the way having the transcript really helps me as I’m often waiting in a office where it’s un-cool to have ear buds in.

  • Great stuff, Thanks

  • David Walsh says:

    Hey man,

    Firstly, Happy Birthday. Hope you have an awesome day 🙂

    Great content as ever.  Yeah, to build your business, you sooo need to get a VA to take over those takes that are of low value to your time.

    Looking forward to more quality posts, and also catching up soon…


    • David Risley says:

      Thanks, Dave. Look forward to catching up some time. Perhaps at the next conference intersection. 🙂

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