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The LAB PRO membership is our “everything included” membership. As a PRO member, you’ll get instant access to every single course we’ve got.

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  • Our full course library (27 and growing, with over 800 individual video lessons), including stuff like the Membership Site Blueprint, Email Marketing Engine, Business Building Bootcamp, and more.
  • Technical Training Library, covering Wordpress and other “tools of the trade”. 
  • Step-by-Step Online Business Roadmap, guiding you through everything – in order.
  • Access to the Tech Concierge, for direct help with those pesky tech problems when they come up.
  • Access to the PRO Member Help Hotline – for direct, personal inquiries to David. (And, I answer personally.)
  • Live, Interactive Office Hours Sessions and  Workshops.
  • Full, unrestricted access to The Vault – for all those document downloads of worksheets, templates, shortcuts and more.

Biggest Bang ForYour Buck

Personal support, direct from David

Automatic Access To All New Courses & Updates

Exclusive (big) discounts on services

I think the best thing about the Lab is that David has broken down a really big thing (turning a blog into a business) into it’s small component parts and made it manageable and actionable. I find myself feeling in control of my progress and confident of success without the feeling of overwhelm that’s plagued me for years when it comes to online business.

James G

I just had to pause everything to congratulate you on absolutely phenomenal training program, I have never come across such a complete program. I am very excited to progress through all your programs and action tasks as I am certain it will lead me to my goals.

Anastasia P

LEt’s Review The Benefits…

Every Single Course In Our Course Library – Plus Automatic Access To All Courses As They’re Released

You won’t need to purchase any of our courses separately… because they’re ALL included. You will gain immediate access to all 27 courses of our library (over 800 lessons). You will also gain instant access to all new releases without needing to buy anything else.

A few of the courses you will get are:

Business Building Bootcamp

No list. No product. No blog. You’ve got nothing but ideas. This is a step-by-step blueprint to starting your online business from zero.

Standalone Price: $97

Included In The PRO Membership

The One Page Business Plan

Gain clarity on the business you intend to build – all on one page. Shed the overwhelm… so you’re ready to bring on the results. 

Standalone Price: $49

Included In The PRO Membership

The Perfect Blog Blueprint

Learn the strategies to turn your blog into a strategically designed content marketing environment, primed for conversion.

Standalone Price: $99

Included In The PRO Membership

The Blog Profit Funnel

A step-by-step system for building The Business Machine behind your blog – and what will ultimately drive your revenue. 

Standalone Price: $47

Included In The PRO Membership

Membership Site Blueprint

A full beginning-to-end blueprint on planning, building, growing and managing a profitable membership site.

Standalone Price: $67

Included In The PRO Membership

The Email Marketing Engine

What gets sent to your email subscribers after they opt-in? We call it the Email Marketing Engine. Here’s how to build a powerful email system to fuel your business.

Standalone Price: $95

Included In The PRO Membership

Building A Content Marketing Plan

Here’s how to step off the rat-wheel of date-based blogging… and into systematic and strategic approach to content that drives revenue. 

Standalone Price: $49

Included In The PRO Membership

The Product Creation Blueprint

A blueprint (born out of years of experience) on how to create effective online courses that get results and your audience wants to buy. 

Standalone Price: $49

Included In The PRO Membership

Step Into Your A Game

Shed the overwhelm and confusion so you can make your best headway. And we do that by putting the business aside… and looking at our daily lives.

Standalone Price: $47

Included In The PRO Membership

Offers That Convert

Making The Planning, Creation and Selling Of Your Own Products & Services Simple Again. A course on how to make offers that sell… even if you’re not good at selling and don’t like it.

Standalone Price: $97

Included In The PRO Membership

Plus The Rest Of The Library

Includes all new courses, and all updates.

Full Access To Our Tech Training Library

Included with your PRO membership is the full Tech Library, a whole separate course library dedicated solely to the tech of this business. This includes a full series on using Wordpress (beginner and advanced), the Essentials series with David walking you through using various online business tools, and tech workshops.

This library is growing quickly. We even take requests and will be happy to provide assistance on individual tools our students use.

The Online Business Roadmap Walks You Through Everything, Step By Step, Starting From Scratch

The Lab’s unique step-by-step Roadmap guides you through everything that you need to do to start, grow and scale your online business… starting from scratch.

Always know what to work on, in what order… and have plenty of guidance along the way.

I’m also expanding the Roadmap and will be adding new mini-tracks to the system, and members get automatic access as it is released.

Direct, Personal Support. Direct From David And The Community. You Will Never Be Alone.

We offer more support than pretty much any member community out there. It begins with daily, personal involvement from me (David). I answer ever member email personally. I sometimes send video answers. I get to know many of my members on a first-name basis.

As a member, you will be able to access The Help Hotline to get individual, personalized answers on any matter of your business. Members often use it for lead magnet feedback, feedback on new strategies, niche advise, blog and landing page feedback, etc.

We also have the Tech Concierge specifically to help alleviate tech confusions. It can be used to figure out a tech issue, get advice on tool selection and integrations.

We also have a supportive member community – inside a distraction-free environment. In fact, the entire LAB is a social learning environment with the ability to ask questions on all lessons, ask questions in the forums, and soon we’ll even have member groups, private messaging and more.

Live Office Hours Sessions And Live Workshop Trainings

Our Office Hours Sessions are live, interactive Q&A sessions where no question or request goes unanswered. Whether it be a question or a request for feedback, you will get the answer you need. You can also pre-submit requests in case you cannot attend live. All sessions are recorded and indexed for easy reference.

Our LAB Workshops are roughly an hour long, highly actionable, and designed to keep you informed on the latest strategies.

All events are held inside our Live Classroom… with a direct live video feed and chatroom.

Oh, And Don’t Forget…

  • Full Access To The Document Vault. Starter members have access to a select set of documents from the library. As a PRO member, you’ll get everything. Every template. Every swipe file. Every shortcut.
  • Quick Wins. You’ll have full access to our library of “Quick Wins” for over-the-shoulder how-to’s and quick strategies that you can implement fast and see results.
  • Steep Discounts On Services. As a PRO member, you have the unique ability to (optionally) book strategy session credits (to book coaching calls) and/or tech service credits (to have us do setup work on your site) at a steep discount over the general public. Credits don’t expire and can be used anytime. 
  • All Office Hours & Workshop Session Recordings. You will have access to all past sessions…. plus have the freedom of not having to adapt to our schedule for live sessions. You won’t miss a thing!

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Here’s what other PRO members have said…

“This is a phenomenal program. I tend to be quite “airy” in my nature, “going with the flow” and enjoying whatever is next as much as possible, but it often getting me in trouble when it comes down to having real, consistent results and not constantly struggling to make something happen when I am up against a deadline. This program has helped me create a real, straight-forward plan and gave me the tools to work the plan in a way that will clearly help me realize my dreams. Thanks David!”

Brandy McCanns

“The Lab is an incredible resource. The quantity and quality of the content is definitely way above what you’ll find in most online training material. The roadmap alone (to guide you through the material) is worth double or triple the price of your membership.”

James G.

“No one else really seems to have put such a system like this that is structured like you have.”

Cameron S.

“I am so glad I found the Lab. It is EXACTLY the support I need to make progress in figuring out my own product and marketing strategy. The Lab’s approach is different from any other course I’ve seen and it really speaks to me.”

Jean Bahls

“I love that this is laid out step by step. I have been working in online marketing for quite a while but found myself mostly trying to piece together steps as I went… only to discover that there was always something important missing. Thanks for this!”

Jan M.

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