How To Start And Grow A Blog-Based Business From Thin Air In 2019

Starting an online business today has many challenges. Google has become highly competitive. Social media is saturated. People are starved for available attention. And there you are with a blog trying to get noticed.

How do you get any traction when you're starting from scratch?

How can you rise above the noise?

In this live workshop, I'm going to show you a reliable, predictable way to start, grow and scale a blog-based business today - even with all the noise. It works in crowded markets. And it removes the guesswork.

This is a proven business model for blog owners.


How To Make Choosing Your Blogging Niche Simpler And Arrive At The Right Decision For You... So You Can Get On With Building Your Business

Are you still confused about your blogging niche? Not sure if it has legs? Feel overwhelmed by all the choices? Then, this free workshop is for you.

  • The 2 primary questions to ask about any potential blog niche
  • The 4 factors that define a good market that will present the least possible problems in terms of monetization and traffic
  • Examples of good and bad niches... and why they work (or don't work)
  • How to properly define a niche (with numerous examples)
  • How to deal with worries of your niche being "too broad" or "too narrow"
  • What if a niche you have in mind seems to be too saturated?
  • What to do if you're not an "expert" in a niche that you think might work