Why Do Bloggers Use Mac?

We’ve all been there. We go to a tech conference of some kind. If, for some reason, you wander up to the front of the…

We’ve all been there. We go to a tech conference of some kind. If, for some reason, you wander up to the front of the room and look back, you see a sea of fruit. A bunch of Apple laptops looking back at you with their signature apple logo glowing on the back of the monitor.

When I was at Gnomedex last year, it seems Apple notebooks were the rule, not the exception. And I expect it will be even more so this year.

I, myself, joined the ranks this year. In October, I bought a big Mac Pro. Then, this year, I bought a Mac Mini (for my Ustream live feed) and a MacBook Pro for portability. I am now using all Mac.

Even before I bought one, though, I was intrigued by the following Apple has among techies. From my point of view, the reason was one of the following:

  1. Apple was indeed a better machine and all these bloggers knew it and I didn’t.
  2. These bloggers THINK they’re on top of everything, but in reality are just pawns of Apple marketing (which is admittedly top notch).
  3. These bloggers want to fit into their blogger clique and they see an Apple notebook as a kind of status symbol.

I’m sure, if I had bothered to ask, each of these guys would have picked #1 above. However, face it, Apple marketing is good and I know FULL WELL that many of these techies went Mac because it was what the cool kids do.

Speaking for myself, I ultimately went to Mac because I was frustrated when all Microsoft could give me was Vista. It was a buggy piece of shit and I didn’t want to use it as my primary work operating system. At the time, Apple was pimping OS X Leopard like crazy. Compared to Vista, Leopard looked to be everything I wanted. Aside from that, YES, I most definitely did allow the fact that I’d seen so many other techies using Macs influence my own purchase.

I am a pro blogger, so now I can comment on usage of the Mac in terms of being a blogger. In all seriousness, I do now view the Mac as a better option for a blogger. Let me see if I can put this into words…

Bloggers are big on communication. We like technology, but don’t want to have to work it very hard. The whole “it just works” mantra of Apple speaks right to a blogger’s heart. Our emphasis is on quick publishing of content. OS X happens to have software available for it which seems like it was designed by people with that same mode of thought. The interface design of many OS X titles is great for quick workflow. Windows titles, in my experience, do not have the same level of interface design. You’re either dealing with a clunky interface or a program which is too big for the job you need to accomplish.

Of course, the most ironic exception to this is Windows Live Writer. It is a Microsoft program which makes posting to a blog child’s play. It is only available for Windows and beats the ever-loving crap out of any Mac alternative.

So, if you’re using Mac and you’re a blogger, why? And be honest. Are you doing it because it is a better machine? Or is there, perhaps, just a little bit of “me too”-ism here? Or perhaps you bought it for the “me too” reason, then ultimately found that it was indeed a better machine.

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