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Why You Should Find And Join A Mastermind Group (And Ways To Find One)

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David spells out ways to find a Mastermind Group and more importantly, why you should join them.

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Tip for the day is, mainly, if you are not involved in a Mastermind Group, consider getting in on one. They’re really, really valuable. So, the big thing for a lot of people’s mind is going to be “how do I get to a Mastermind Group?”

Well, you could use meetup.com, you could find people that way. You might even be able to consider using Craigslist to find people of similar interest. But another thing you could also do is get in to internet based membership sites where there is a community aspect to it and you could find people that you can get into remote mastermind where instead of meeting in person like what we’re doing here at the beach, is you can actually just meet digitally over Skype or virtual meeting or something like that.

But either way, just being able to balance ideas off of people who are of like mind, is really valuable. Even if they’re not in the same business as you, they could provide the perspective that you don’t have because you’re sitting there married to your idea over time.

So, really, really valuable, I definitely recommend that you look into getting into a Mastermind Group of some kind if you don’t already have one and you’ll definitely won’t regret the move.


  1. Vicki says:

    I found Google+ to be one of the best places to find like-minded people to join mastermind groups. G+ has become my favorite social networking site for one reason: The people there are SO passionate about their individual areas of interest/expertise, You can find groups on everything from podcasting to blogging, entrepreneurship to marketing, and everything in between.

    I like your suggestion, David, about creating and/or joining Mastermind groups with people who are NOT in your same functional area or business; you really can learn a lot from cross-pollinating ideas from one business to another.

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