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Why You Shouldn’t Have A Search Box On Your Blog

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Today’s video is about what a search box does to your site visitors and why you shouldn’t have one on your blog.


I wanted to talk to you guys today about your “search box”.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of people; especially people who are new with WordPress, they get really “widget happy”. Basically, if there’s a widget available, they just drag it to their sidebar because they think it’s cool.

The problem is, a lot of those widgets are pretty useless. And today I’m talking mainly about SEARCH BOX. If you don’t have very many blog posts on your site, why are you giving the people a search box? By doing that, you’re almost guaranteed to send them into a dead end. Dead ends are not good!

Have you ever been driving like I am right now and you turn down a road only to find out there’s not a way out to it? You’ve got to turn around all the way back and it’s just annoying. You don’t want to do that to your users by having them search for something that they want to find and chances are; you don’t have that on your site because you only have a few blog posts and then it’s just a guaranteed dead end. You’ve got to be the judge of how much content you have but if you have maybe a hundred posts or so; don’t put a search box on your site. It’s just pointless. And even then, if you are posting mostly videos or photos or something like that and it’s not much for the search engine, don’t have a search box because it’s just totally a waste of time.

Again, keep that in mind and apply some logic to the way you use all the widgets on your site because if they don’t really have a strategic reason for being there, don’t use it. It’s much better to have fewer things on your sidebar than more.


  1. I would agree.

    I removed my search box and moved it to my VIP area.

    Its a benefit for them not for the public, they can search premium and public info.

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