Showing Testimonials On Your Blog, with Testimonials Widget

A useful Wordpress plug-in for collecting, managing and displaying testimonials on your blog.


This is Day 27 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer Wordpress Plug-ins Series.

Around here, we’re not so much interested in blogging just as a hobby. Around here, our focus is on blog-based MARKETING. In using a blog to attract business and make money.

In online marketing, testimonials are a pretty large component. When you use testimonials in your marketing, it provides social proof. It shows that others have done what you want your prospect to do – and that they’re happy about it.

Duh, right? 😉

Well, the natural question is exactly HOW you can go about displaying testimonials on your site?

Well, you can naturally simply include the testimonials as text on your pages. In fact, many sales-oriented themes like OptimizePress have a pre-made setup just for displaying testimonials.

But, there are also bells and whistles available for this purpose. And one such option is the Testimonials Widget.

Testimonials Widget

As the title gives away, the plug-in provides a widget that you can use anywhere on your blog. You can use it in your sidebars as a standard widget, via a theme function if you want to hard-code it, or via shortcode if you want to embed it right into your content.

What the widget actually does is rotates testimonials, allowing you to display random ones or select specific ones. And, while it is mainly geared toward testimonials, you could actually use it for anything you want to rotate: Portfolio case studies, quotes, reviews, or any text with images.

If you run a blog for your business and you want to showcase past work, a plug-in like this would be a great option. It will allow you to display selections of your work in other places on your site, rather than requiring your visitor to click on a specialized page to view it all.

Another nice thing about this plug-in is that it sets up, essentially, a custom post type for testimonials. It will allow you to collect all your testimonials in one place, thereby making them USEFUL. So many people (including myself much of the time) have good things being said about us and we fail to collect them into any place which makes them useful for marketing purposes.

This plug-in has quite a bit to it, actually. It is available for free, although it has a premium option which offers more capability.


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  1. Thank you for writing up my Testimonials Widget plugin. I appreciate the growing awareness. Further thank you for this entire series. I learned of a few new plugins that are quite useful

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