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TOPIC: Reversing The Slide: Debugging A Shrinking Online Business
WHERE: Inside the
Live Training Room
WHEN: Tuesday, October 9th

Sometimes, things don't go according to plan.

Your business was chugging along, but then it starts to... shrink. Your revenue is falling. A slow, dwindling decline and it just seems as if the things you were doing before don't work as well anymore.

Or perhaps your business isn't shrinking, but it's just flat-lined. Just kind of stays the same and doesn't really grow.

In this workshop for Lab members, we'll be talking about solutions to the flat-lined or dwindling online business. What should you, as the business owner, be doing? What needs to change? What's the mindset you should have?

This workshop will talk about how to MANAGE your business as the owner and executive... not simply as the person doing all the work day to day.

Live Workshops are reserved for members. All live workshops are recorded and transcribed.


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