Podcast Episodes

The 60-Minute Webinar Plan (Episode #155)

Continuing our topic of webinars, this episode is a walk-through of a general layout for a 60-minute webinar. And we’ll be discussing a lot of tips and strategies for how to execute each section of your webinar. This is a meaty episode.


Planning Out The Content Of Your Webinar (Episode #154)

In this episode of CBB, we’re talking specifically about the content portion of the webinar… that 30-40 minutes of “pure content” that you will deliver to educate your attendee and provide a transformation that they can walk away with whether they buy from you or not.


How To Re-purpose Your Products For Udemy (Episode #150)

In this episode, I talk about Udemy and the pros and cons of publishing courses on this popular platform.

I also discuss the best ways to use Udemy to build your own business.

If you’ve ever looked at the potential of earnings from Udemy, be sure to listen to this episode first.


How A Blog Really Makes Money (Episode #148)

In this episode, I revisit the TRUE function of the blog and how a blog actually fits into the scheme of things. This episode will provide a “birds eye view” of the business model, where a blog fits into it and what the purpose is…. and you’ll see how a blog actually makes money.

If you understand this, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort chasing unicorns. 😉