After years of using Screenflow on the Mac, I decided to test out Camtasia for screen recording on Windows. It did not go according to plan.

5 rules for how to properly manage your Wordpress Media Library… and some tools I used to shrink a 5GB library by about 45%!

This Learndash review will show it in real-world use, behind the scenes of my own membership site. How does LearnDash compare to other online course LMS options for Wordpress?

The blog sidebar is dead. Here’s how my calls to action performed 310% better (often more) without a sidebar versus with one. Goodbye sidebar.

Your blog about page is one of the most important pages of your site. This formula (w/ template) will guide you to creating a conversion-focused page.

I decided to test a boosted post on Facebook for my blog. Here is what happened – both the good and the bad. And lessons learned.

Here is how you can set up domain-based email for your blog or business… and why you might want to consider NOT using Google for it.

A look at how I am using ConvertBox to segment my existing email list on my RV blog – complete with examples and screenshots of how it is set up.

2 weeks into my project to 10X my blog traffic, here’s an update on the traffic stats, my email list metrics, and an epic reduction in my bounce rate (that’s surprising).