Blog Marketing Academy Now Accepts Bitcoin

Like any online business, I’ve accepted credit cards and Paypal for quite some time. But, I’ve decided to also accept Bitcoin. Here’s why…

Q&A (on a new platform) [Call:10/20/2016]

After a very long time doing the Office Hours call through GoToWebinar, today we had it done with a new platform. So, here’s the first Office Hours via WebinarNinja. Soon, I’ll let you know if we’re gonna stick with it or… 🙂 Video Recording Of The Call Your PDF Transcript is in progress! 🙂

15 Things About Drip That Made Me Switch From Ontraport Marketing Automation (UPDATED)

I switched to Drip Marketing Automation – from Ontraport. Here are 15 specific reasons why I made the switch.

58+ Headline Formulas: The Ultimate Non-Copywriter’s Guide To Writing Headlines That Get The Clicks (UPDATED)

58+ blog post headline formulas + the ultimate swipe file. Also, why you should write 25 headlines for every single blog post you publish. I tried it. Here’s how it went…

All Those Ideas! Here’s How To Determine What To Do In Your Business And When.

Information overwhelm and confusion are common “diseases” of the online entrepreneur. And it is especially pronounced in the beginning when you’re first starting out. And it makes sense, in a way. All these things you have to do (or think you have to do), all seemingly important, and all simultaneously. Or, at least it feels […]

In A Sudden Reversal, David Turns Comments Back On For This Blog. Here’s Why He Changed His Mind…

After announcing that we had turned off comments on this blog, a few months later we are announcing a total reversal. Comments are back on, and this post explains why this reversal has happened.

Profits Through Simplicity, How I’ve Simplified My Online Business, And When To Buy New Business Tools

An inside look at product launch hype, evaluating new business tools to buy, and how I’ve personally gone about simplifying my own online business.

Office Hours – Q&A [Call:09/15/2016]

Here’s the latest Office Hours call’s video recording. Your PDF transcript is just below the video 🙂 Time Stamps 0:01:25 – Is Samcart worth the switch? 0:07:10 – All about Facebook pixels 0:13:01 – Interactive community? 0:16:01 – Mastery of “basics” 0:20:18 – Facebook goals? 0:25:22 – Webinars 0:31:46 – On increasing followers in social media […]

Open Q&A [Call:08/12/2016]

This Office Hours session is an Open Q&A call. Time Stamps 0:03:30 – Accounting system track multiple streams of income 0:04:33 – How to use social media for promoting blog 0:07:42 – What plug-in to use best for affiliate marketing 0:10:27 – Having trouble identifying a USP 0:11:00 – Practice Builder Publishing 0:22:08 – How […]

How To Launch A New Blog – Step-By-Step Blog Launch Plan

Want to start a blog but be on the right footing for monetization and growth? Then, you’re on the right post. See, most bloggers who launch their blog end up launching to relative silence. They set some deadline for a month or two in the future and they work toward it. Then, when the date […]

Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Niche: Finding A Good Market For You

Niche selection often dives into the confusing world of keyword research. But, there is a simpler way to look at it. Here’s a different way of choosing your niche.

The Redwood Strategy: How To Recycle Blog Content To Make Your Life Simpler, Dominate SEO, And Get More Traffic

The Redwood Strategy is a content creation strategy for bloggers where you circle back and update previously published content, turning them into major pillar posts for your niche. Here’s exactly how to do it.

7 Weeks In… Status Report On The New RV Blog [RV Blog Report #3]

7 weeks into the new RV blog, we check in on the traffic numbers, email list size… and the tactics I’m using to jump start this brand new blog from scratch.

Blog Comments: Buh Bye. Why I Turned Off Comments On This Blog.

After 18 years of blogging, I have decided to turn off the comments. Here, I explain my thinking behind it… and you can make your own decision that suits your blog best.

2016 Ultimate Guide To Building An Email List: List Building That Works And Makes You Money

Shortcuts to skip around this blog post: Why Build An Email List A List Isn’t Just A List Segmentation The Lead Magnet Multiple Lead Magnets Vs. One Lead Magnet How Do You Position Multiple Lead Magnets On The Same Blog? 4 Questions For Turning Your Blog Into A List Building Machine The List Building Formula […]

22 Days After Starting A New Blog From Scratch – A Status Report [RV Blog Report #2]

22 days into a brand new blog, here is a status update. I talk about the list building strategy, my content plan, and how I’m beginning to promote this brand new blog.

Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide: 10 Smartest Things You Can Do to Promote Your New Blog (UPDATED)

The ultimate guide to promoting your new blog. We cover 10 specific (and smart) strategies you should use immediately to promote your new blog effectively.

The 3 Metrics I Track Every Day And Use To Predictably Grow My Business

Every day, I track 3 core metrics in my business. These 3 numbers allow me to keep my focus on the things which matter and therefore more effectively grow my business.

New Series: Follow Along While I Start Up A New Blog From Scratch (RV Blog Report #1)

It had been a LONG time since I started a brand new blog from scratch. So, I took a strong hobby of mine (RV travel) and turned it into a brand new blog. And I’ll document its growth as it happens. This is the first of the RV Blog Report series.