I’m here to help.

You can contact me anytime. Before you do, do any of the questions below fit your request?

I do not accept guest posts for the Blog Marketing Academy blog. Such requests go into the trash.

Most likely not. I get a lot of such offers and, as you know, the internet marketing space is packed with such things. But, I never do things just for the money. I ONLY promote things to my list that I have personally used and strongly feel would be worth staking my reputation on. Plus, I’m careful not to add to the noise with more “shiny objects”.

You are welcomed to ask, but if it isn’t the right fit, I won’t reply. Don’t take it personally.

I totally understand that you’re working to grow your business… or just doing your job. But, in my position, I see so many offers that they all blend in. They end up in the trash, with no reply. This is something I have to do so that I have the time to grow my business and be with my family.

Not likely. If your post is highly relevant and you think I’d be stupid not to link to it, feel free to ask. But, the overwhelming majority of link requests we get are weak and they’re just trying to get a dofollow link. And, no, we do not do paid link placement. That’s for idiots.

I’m really sorry about that! We’ll get it resolved for you. 

First off, give it a few minutes if you haven’t already. Sometimes those emails take a bit to arrive. Also, please check your spam folders, since sometimes the emails go in there.

If you can’t find it, please email us. Sometimes there are little system glitches that happen. Sometimes your email address you entered on checkout could have been mistyped. We’ll need to check for you. But, email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

All purchases are found inside your account. So, if you have a member profile (even a free one), just log in and your purchase will be there.

Sure. To access the scheduler, you need to be logged into your member account and either be a client or have at least one service credit on your account.

Really sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving us, but we understand that cancellations happen every now and then,

After logging into your account, go to My Account. You will see a list of your subscriptions there with a little ‘Cancel’ button. You’ll be asked a few questions to help us improve the Lab experience, then your account will be canceled.

If you enrolled using Paypal, you can cancel your account from inside your Paypal account.

You know what to do…

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