Office Hours Call 11/17/2020

This is the Office Hours for 11-17-2020.  The questions that were discussed were about ConvertBox versus Drip software, Thrive Theme Builder software, recurring billing software,…

Office Hours Call 06/07/2020

 This is the office hours for 6-07-2020.  The questions were about moving a site off WordPress, but still maintaining Google ranking, redirecting your site, downloading…

Office Hours Call 11/19/2019

This is the office hours for 11-19-2019.  The questions were about choosing niches, how to handle and brand multiple websites, lead magnets and membership sites. 

Office Hours Call 08-27-2019

This is the office hours for 08-27-2019.  The questions were about updating and posting articles as new, switching hosting providers, when to create the course….