Purchase Anytime Credits

On-demand service. Use them when the time is right.

When it comes to getting work done on your site or just booking a call, I work on the basis of anytime credits. While there are some pre-packaged services for certain things that are repeated and built often, credits makes things simpler.

Use of credits provides clients with flexibility. Not everything easily fits into a full project. Often, the work that needs to be done can’t be fully predicted upfront.

Credits mean we can avoid that hassle. It saves a lot of time and money, too.

Here’s the “big idea” about Anytime Credits

  • Credits can be used to book development work on your site or private consultations
  • Credits are equivalent to roughly an hour of time. Either development work or a 1-hour call.
  • They’re called “Anytime Credits” because you can use them anytime.
  • Credits stay on your account and are debited when used.
  • You’ll have a record inside your account to know where credits were used.
  • You can purchase Anytime Credits even without being on a Concierge subscription plan, but monthly clients get an automatic 30% discount.

Credit Packages


($98 for Concierge)


($262.50 for Concierge)


($420 for Concierge)


($805 for Concierge)

Quick Questions Answered…

No. As of now, credits do not expire on your account. So you are able to purchase them and use them immediately… or 6 months from now. They’ll still be there.

For Concierge Standard, you will need credits to do any hands-on work that goes beyond support. This includes tweaks, edits, or setup work.

Clients on the Performance or Platinum plan get a certain amount of time included each month. You would then only need credits if you have work that requires more time than what’s included on your plan already.

All Concierge plans get the same discount.

We will refund only unused credits within 30 days. Once services have been performed and a credit debited, there are no refunds for those credits. And we do not offer refunds past 30 days because, frankly, it really messes up the accounting.

When it comes to hands-on work on your site, a credit is equivalent to roughly an hour of dedicated focus on your site. But, certainly, some tasks don’t take an hour. Plus, I’m pretty fast at things so sometimes things just don’t take an hour. So, what I do is keep a log of partial time. And we’ll only make a debit when we have reached the full hour.

Example: Let’s say a task takes only 15 minutes. I’ll log it in my records. Then, a few days later, another task takes 45 minutes. At that time, the full debit will be made from your account to include both sessions.

I don’t use a timer down to the minute. But, I get pretty close and I always aim to keep it fair.