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Hey, David Risley here. And, if you pardon me for a second, I’m going to toot my own horn here…

I’ve been in business online now for well over 20 years. I’ve seen a lot. Done a lot. Worked with many thousands of students. Built a lot of websites. Been there, done that.

I’ve also made a lot of mistakes, too. I’ve learned from them. I bring this experience to the Blog Marketing Academy.

I am a guy who has a good, practical knowledge of marketing, automations, sales and conversions. I have practical experience with business strategy and systems. But, I also happen to be pretty good at tech.

So, what I bring to the table is a rather rare combination of real, practical business and marketing experience with the applied tech background to actually pull it off. I know how to build and bend a WordPress site to my will. I love to show people how to set up the “plumbing” of their site to actually facilitate real, human interactions and sales.

I’ve been told that I keep things pretty “real”. That I’m a plain-spoken dude. And I know to my very core that power comes from simplicity. So, my goal is to help you get those results you want while keeping things simple. In fact, if things get too complicated, we screwed up. :)

My training and membership site has been through a lot of evolutions. Heck, I’ve been doing this a long time so that’s bound to happen. But, where we are now is simply called ONEPass.

ONEPass gets you access to everything. Yes, you’ll get access to all my past courses, documents, workshops, and more. But, way more importantly than that….

ONEPass is where you’re going to get access to the deeper how-to’s that I put together to back up all the stuff I talk about across this blog and Youtube.

I’m building the new ONEPass Library to be… simple. Very outcome driven. Built around specific goals and quick wins. And I’m being as laser-focused on those goals as I can, purposely removing all the fluff and giving you every shortcut I’m capable of.

You’ll get focused training. Over-the-shoulder how-to’s. Personal answers to all of your questions.

Here’s the big idea of ONEPass

  • Easily digestible workshops, tutorials and courses geared toward specific outcomes.
  • No fluff. Just concentrate on the important stuff needed to take action and get a specific result.
  • Courses and workshops designed to be consumed in no more than one hour.
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials that take the public articles and YouTube videos to the next level… by showing you the EXACT execution steps to get the quick win.
  • Quick wins to increase sales and conversions using WordPress tools.
  • Aimed toward DIY solopreneurs who want to save money by doing it themselves, but don’t want to waste a lot of time in the sea of noise.
  • ONEPass unlocks everything at once and at an incredibly affordable rate.
  • ONEPass is just ONE payment. For life. No renewals.

ONE account. ONE pass. ONE Purchase.

ONEPass is my personal noise-free sanctuary outside of all the noise of the open internet where I can just sit down and show you exactly how to make things happen.

All out of my own personal experience over 25+ years, building a TON of sites for clients, and much more.

ONEPass members will also grow alongside me as I share behind-the-scenes video updates and things I’m finding out. This makes ONEPass also the perfect complement for my newsletter subscribers and long-time readers. Kind of like my Patreon community, so to speak. But, all in-house.

Members Seem To Dig It…

NOTE: What is now ONEPass used to be called “The Lab”. That’s why you find so many of the kind words of past members referring to it that way.

I think the best thing about the Lab is that David has broken down a really big thing (turning a blog into a business) into it’s small component parts and made it manageable and actionable. I find myself feeling in control of my progress and confident of success without the feeling of overwhelm that’s plagued me for years when it comes to online business.

James G

I just had to pause everything to congratulate you on absolutely phenomenal training program, I have never come across such a complete program. I am very excited to progress through all your programs and action tasks as I am certain it will lead me to my goals.

Anastasia P

David knows his stuff and has a gift for delivering his educational experience in a way that anyone can digest and implement. He also has a rare ability to both help you maximize your profits as quickly as possible while always stressing that the only way to do that is by providing real value to the audience you serve. David proves that integrity and profitability need not be at odds!

Alex B

This was an awesome experience! I tend to sometimes become directionless during my day and end up in a state of overwhelm. The tools I received from this course are very easy-to-implement tools that I am excited to use and now I feel I will be able to manage my time with much greater ease. Thanks David!

Brandy M

Getting into THE LAB I thought I was going to go through a training on how to build a business through blogging and found it far more. I’m more excited after this first training then I was in signing up in the beginning. I would say anyone that wants to bring balance while building their business seeing wins every step of the way needs to join BMA.

Roger H

You are the freaking man. Because of you, and your website, I made 20k in a year. And I didn’t do anything from the months August – November. I’m going to give you a HUGE high-five if we ever meet in real life.

Ron McKie

I love the straight-forward instruction and practical way you show us what to do and how you teach from your experience. Even more impactful to me… I love how you and Malika are real, care about our experience with the Lab, and don’t leave me questioning your business motives, integrity, or sincerity. THANK YOU!!

Eddie S

If you’ve been wandering around the internet trying to cut and paste knowledge and how-tos from all kinds of different sources…stop. Join us. The amount of value in this Lab is so worth your money. The videos and worksheets and courses alone are worth far more than the price tag. Add David’s personal involvement into the mix, and you’ve got a priceless investment that will bring returns…no doubt.

Matt H

I love that this is laid out step by step. I have been working in online marketing for quite a while but found myself mostly trying to piece together steps as I went… only to discover that there was always something important missing. Thanks for this!

Jan M

No one else really seems to have put such a system like this that is structured like you have.

Cameron S

I am so glad I found the Lab. It is EXACTLY the support I need to make progress in figuring out my own product and marketing strategy.

Jean B

I love the straight forward simple approach to how these courses are laid out! there’s no fluff, just facts and steps to get you closer to where you want to be!

Shandi J

Activate Your ONEPass. Unlock Everything. Instantly.

You can join for just $149 $99. That’s just one payment of $99 and you’ll have lifetime access. No renewals.

Why lifetime? Simply put, the core offer of this site is now Concierge. Client services are now the primary revenue source. The business model has changed, so frankly I don’t need to generate a bunch of revenue with ONEPass. For me, it is about letting things be pretty accessible for people, but yet charge just enough to at least get people with some degree of seriousness.

So, no more recurring payments. Pay just once. Super affordable. And once you’re in… you’re in. Nice and simple. And, if you decide to become a client at some point, that’d be great. But, you’re under no obligation whatsoever.

Have any questions? Click here to get in touch.

Let’s Review What You’ll Get…

  • Instantly unlock access to every course in the Course Library, allowing you to have unfettered access to all of them on your own schedule.
  • Instantly unlock the entire ONEPass Library of courses, workshops, tutorials and documents.
  • Get personal answers to all of your questions.
  • Get an automatic 10% discount on any Anytime Credits… for hands-on work on your site, strategy sessions or private site reviews. Maybe I forgot to mention that. 🤓

I’m not going to sit here and try to write some fancy sales letter for you. I figure I will prove the value over time and you can decide for yourself.

Training content at the Blog Marketing Academy has been through a lot of iterations. Lots of courses. Lots of workshops. Fast times and slow times. From the “Inner Circle” to “The LAB”. After all, the Blog Marketing Academy has been around since 2008 and it tends to evolve.

When I simplified everything into the ONEPass, it was part of a big “pivot” in the business. And it comes from a core philosophy….

Power is found in simplicity. And less is more because we’re all being drowned by noise, so the more that I can shine a beacon of simplicity and just be real, personal and accessible…. the better things will go.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

ONEPass is one simple pass to everything. I am building the library for DIYers who want quick results without all the noise of Youtube, social media, “guru” courses, launches, and the like.

Activate your ONEPass. And let’s move forward together.

See ya soon,