Tech Problems? Stuck?
Not Anymore!

Let’s work together to bring your WordPress platform to life.

Put Your Site In Good Hands

Put your entire site into good hands. Includes hosting, maintenance, all the plugins, email service, security, and much more. Just simplify the whole thing.

Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Fix your site’s speed and performance problems. Get your core web vitals scores into the green to make Google happy. Let me deal with the nerdy stuff.

Ala Carte Development Work On Your Site

Going cross-eyed with WordPress plug-ins, theme changes, membership site setup, or just how to make it all work together? We can just do it for you.

Talk Strategy, Tech or Private Training

Private, one-on-one Zoom session where we can discuss your business strategy, talk about your tech stack, answer questions, or just a private training session.

Use Credits To Book Calls And Get Tech Work Done.

Credits can be used to book development work on your site or for private consultations. Credits are equivalent to roughly an hour of time. Use them anytime. No expiration.

Why Blog Marketing Academy Services?

Let me toot my own horn for a second…

Over 25 Years Of Experience

I’ve been doing this since 1998. My background and experience means I have a unique understanding of the tech of this business as well as the business and marketing skills to make it work.

I Keep Things Personal

In a world of automation and AI, I like to keep things personal. I know full well people choose to work with me because they know, like and trust me. And I treat my clients like friends.

Integrity Is Everything

I believe in a business standing for the values of it’s owner. I’ll always be worthy of your trust, give you the straight scoop, and look out for your interests.

Common Questions

Yes, WordPress is my jam. And that’s what I work with.

I tend to work mostly with solopreneurs and small businesses. And I work with people running membership sites, coaches, marketers, affiliate marketers, etc.

Yup. 👍 I don’t like to hide behind a “we” just to sound big. And I’m not going to use a bunch of automation and AI to avoid my clients. When you work with me, you’ll be working with me. Even when my team expands, I will be your main point of contact. I like to keep things personal.

I do. Done many of them, in fact. But, I don’t tend to do deep custom coding or custom site designs. I also don’t develop custom software or plugins.

My approach is to use “out of the box” solutions and make them work together. We might use a little code here and there to customize things, but using pre-built solutions means you’re going to have a more reliable website. The last thing you want is for me to build something for you where I am the only person in the world who knows how it works. I don’t want that responsibility… and it puts you at risk.