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I have been blogging since 1998, long before the popular concept of blogging even existed. Back then, it was all done manually. For my first 10 years, I blogged about computers and technology and I built that blog into a six-figure operation. In 2008, I began what is now the Blog Marketing Academy. And, quite recently, I’ve even begun a new property for RV owners.

In my 18 years in this business, I’ve done almost everything, including…

  • Built two six-figure businesses online out of thin air
  • Created 21 training courses on various topics
  • Written 2 books in the technology space
  • Created multiple membership sites, in different niches
  • Done physical product sales, digital, affiliate marketing, and banner advertising
  • Programmed multiple web apps, including a medical management system and a CMS which once rivaled WordPress
  • Spoke on and led the monetization track at BlogWorld and New Media Expo, several times

My experience is definitely varied, ranging from blogging, to entrepreneurship, to marketing, to programming and web development.

Here's What I Believe...

  • I believe bloggers are the backbone of the Internet and should be able to earn a respectable income at it if they choose to do so.
  • I believe money is made online by delivering real value and transformations to the lives of your customers, not by manipulation.
  • I believe that a blog is the most powerful marketing platform that exists, IF you use it right.
  • I believe that a blog doesn’t make money – a business does.
  • I believe that a profitable online business can and should be based in honesty and delivering maximum value.
  • I believe that life in a cubicle is no way to live, and that the right course is usually the one less traveled.

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How The Academy Can

Help Your Blog

The Blog

I publish full reference posts sharing proven blogging, marketing and conversion strategies.

The Podcast

The Coffee Break Blogging podcast isn't just another podcast. It is a full course... in episode format.

The Lab

The in-depth and extensive training side of the Academy... with plans, courses, tools, community & support.

The Big Idea Of The Academy

There is typically a very large gap between the typical blogger…. and the business owner or marketer. Many business owners (mistakenly) look at a blog as a huge time-suck with a low ROI, while a lot of bloggers are out there chasing some of the usual “monetization” efforts and seeing little more than pennies for all their hard work.

I’m here to bridge that gap. Pure and simple.

… because it isn’t about just blogging. It is about blogging smarter.

I believe that a blog is an extremely powerful marketing and money-making tool – especially in today’s marketing world – but the truth is that, in order for it to work, that blog has to be used in a strategic way. It has to be backed up with real business fundamentals.

We do that by planting ourselves firmly in the middle… in that gap between blogging and business. Using certain strategies that capitalize on the best of both, mixed up with age-old marketing techniques along with some of the new, we work to expand the typical blog into an honest platform for building true authority in your marketplace.

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