The Mission Is Simple (If You Choose To Accept It)...

To Make Your Blog Profitable

81% of bloggers don't make even $100 in a full year. I'm here to completely turn that stat upside down. With your blog, you're sitting on top of one of the most powerful generators of online income that exists - IF you use it right.

Inside The Lab, I'm combining my 18+ years of experience at this into one massive, all-in-one training library.

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With Your Monetization Coach, David Risley

The Blog Marketing Academy is a major online hub for plain-English, direct and no-fluff online business training for blog owners. Simply put, we'll build a kick-ass business around your blog and your value. If you want the typical "guru" fluff, I'm not your guy.

I'm not going to waste time talking about banner ads. That's old-school monetization and people hate it and you'll feel icky doing it. Instead, we'll build a real business. One which provides solutions to people who've asked for it. No yellow-highlighter hype here. This is value-first, ethical marketing that treats your leads and clients with respect.

The Latest From The Blog

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