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Kind Words From Students And Clients:

"In getting coaching from David, I really appreciate how he is able to point out the simple action that I could do to move the ball forward."

- Ranya Renee

"I love how you and Malika are real, care about our experience with the Lab, and don’t leave me questioning your business motives, integrity, or sincerity. THANK YOU!!"

- Eddie S.

"Working with David has truly allowed me to step up in the blogging world from a hobby blogger to a full fledged business owner. Thank you David!!"

- Holly D.

"It's worth the investment. It will be the kick in the pants, the inspiration, AND the guidance you need to succeed. I've established a solid business growth plan. I've created lead magnets with potential. And I'm MOVING."

- Matt H.

The Blog Marketing Academy is, in essence, a business school for blog owners. It is designed for bloggers, course creators, consultants, coaches... even small business owners. The goal is to build a blog which SELLS.

THE LAB is the training, support, community and coaching platform of the Blog Marketing Academy. It is where the action happens. 

I've had students from all kinds of niches, including natural health, personal development, business, forex trading. Even chemistry tutoring, piano tuning and playing blues guitar - in German (not kidding... his name is Christoph).

If your intention is to build a blog which forms the foundation of a real business, then that's what the Academy is all about. If you want to drive new leads and sales using content marketing, that's what we do here. If you want to use your blog to automate and scale a coaching or service business... yep, we do that, too.

What's New

Cloudways Hosting Review: Is It The Best Host For Your Money? (2020)

In this review, we’re looking at how Cloudways Hosting works. We’re looking at virtual private servers (VPS), how it differs from regular shared hosting and why you should care. Then, we take a look inside my Cloudways account to show you how it works and some things you need to know if you are thinking about switching to Cloudways for your Wordpress hosting.

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