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The Blog Marketing Academy is an online business training library for blog owners. 
No-BS, plain-English advice backed by two decades of experience
and a desire to not be behind my desk all day.

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Niche selection often dives into the confusing world of keyword research. But, there is a simpler way to look at it. Here’s a different way of choosing your niche.

If I had to start over from scratch, what would I do to build my online business?

How do you get blog traffic? How do you generate traffic when you’re first starting out? Which strategies are more effective than others?

A complete guide to the 9 separate factors that go into crafting the perfect blog post – optimized to have maximum traction after you hit the publish button.

This guide presents the Blog Monetization Model. We’ll walk through the entire model together, step by step.

The complete guide to how to build your email list from your blog, including opt-in and lead magnet strategy that is working today.

How relevant is keyword research? What are the factors Google looks at? How exactly do we go about attracting organic traffic from the world’s most popular search engine?

How EXACTLY should you launch a new blog today? This 14-step blog launch plan will give you the play-by-play on how it works – today.

In every issue of The Edge, you will get actionable advice on what's working now in the world of blogging and online marketing. Directly from the desk (or the RV) of David Risley, sent 3 times weekly.

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  • Access to the entire course library the Academy offers
  • Automatic access to all future courses as well as all updates
  • Access to all live office hours sessions (and recordings)
  • Access to all live training workshops (and recordings)
  • Access to the Resource Library of worksheets, swipe files and templates
  • Ability to use the member feedback system to seek direct, personal feedback on your site
  • Unlimited access to our Lab member community
  • Access to the Online Business Roadmap
  • NEW! - Access to our new, upcoming Tracks Library for step-by-step instructions for the business goals on your mind.
  • NEW! Access to our new Quick Wins for bite-sized training and "over the shoulder" how-to videos.

Meet David Risley

David is a veteran blogger and online entrepreneur, having founded a technology blog in 1998 and growing it into a six-figure, multi-author business which was found in publications like PC World, PC Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. He turned that blog into a commercial success using a combination of advertising, affiliate revenue, online courses, writing and selling books and CDs, and even a membership site before it was cool.

In 2008, he founded the Blog Marketing Academy and launched his first training course for bloggers with an $80k launch. Since then, he has created over 24 separate training programs and has worked with thousands of students on their blogs, in every niche you could think of.

But what David is most proud of is his ability to make things simple. And to build reliable, recurring business around his "lifestyle". He has this weird obsession with traveling in his motorhome around the country with his wife and 2 kids.

David also likes to talk about himself in the third person. In bios like this one.

What's The Latest?

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