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Hi, I'm David Risley - a veteran blogger and online entrepreneur for over 19 years. And I'm on a mission to help 1,000 blog owners over the next year to create value-first, ethical businesses that make REAL income not driven by banner ads. You in?


The Lab is Blog Marketing Academy's all-in-one training library, community and support center - aimed squarely at removing the chaos, confusion and overwhelm out of starting and building a blog-based business... and providing all the help you'll need as you go.

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Which Comes First For Bloggers: Traffic or Monetization? (How Everything Has Changed)
Which comes first for your blog: Traffic or monetization? It used to be that you had to build the audience before you could monetize. Is that still true?
The Future Of Online Business: Cryptocurrencies And Why I Believe You Should Be Accepting Bitcoin.
A talk about the evolution of money - and why I believe you should get out ahead of the curve in your online business by accepting Bitcoin today.
Why So Many Bloggers Recommend Bluehost or Hostgator Hosting (And Why I Don’t)
Some real talk about why so many bloggers recommend Bluehost and Hostgator. Here's something you need to know, and why I do NOT recommend these companies to my readers.
Why Thrive Themes Is Now My Top Recommended Solution For Building A Blog-Centered Online Business
Looking to build a blog-centered online business? Then, this is why I now put Thrive Themes in the top 3 list of startup investments I believe you should make.

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