Need Help Getting Your WordPress-Focused Online Business Systems Working Right?

That’s my jam. Maybe I can help you freakin’ LOVE your site again.

Tech is a “necessary evil” of starting up an online business. Actually, it isn’t an evil at all because it is that geeky stuff which allows us to run 24/7 businesses, be location independent, and truly run the kind of business we want.

But, that tech can be frustrating. Especially when you’re just not a natural nerd.

Unfortunately, the “do it yourself” route ends up becoming a major roadblock to people. An entire business can be held back because you don’t know how to pull off the tech stuff.

Or you waste so much time trying to do it yourself that your business never works.

Maybe we can help.

Competent, trustworthy and fast.

“I can’t speak highly enough of David. If you run a blog or membership website and you want someone that is knowledgeable, honest, efficient, trustworthy and just a genuinely nice and fun person to work with then look no further, you’ve found your man. He knows his stuff and if he doesn’t he will tell you. Honestly, I’ve rarely worked with someone as competent, trustworthy and fast.”
Mark Farrell

Incredibly timely, highly responsive

“After several frustrating hours of trying to move my primary WordPress navigation to where I wanted it, I gave up reached out David to see ask if he offered any direct assistance for such things. Fortunately, he was able to work me into his schedule. In a matter of minutes he not only fixed the navigation issue, but also identified a number of additional issues and fixed those, too. David was incredibly timely, highly responsive, and went out of his way to make sure that my membership site was configured for an optimal user experience.”
Jassen Bowman

A joy to work with

Thank you for getting my site up and running so fast. What a relief to have that done. As a non-tech person, I can’t tell you what it means to know I have someone to call on who knows what to do, and does it so well. You are a joy to work with. Yesterday’s session with you pointed me in the right direction. So much so that I woke in the wee hours of the morning, and wrote out three pages of ideas!
Virginia Avery

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Can’t find anybody good on Fiverr or Upwork, don’t know who you can trust, or don’t even know where to start looking for somebody?
  • You’re worried that service providers might be taking advantage of you to sell you into stuff you don’t need… or make you dependent on them for everything.
  • You’re not even exactly sure what you need. You need somebody with experience and judgement to step in and help… and finding somebody you can trust seems impossible.
  • Don’t know who to hire for that job you need help with, but it is too large for Fiverr and too small for a qualified consultant?
  • You need somebody who understands business and marketing…. AND the tech stuff. And it seems like most people can only do one or the other.

Chris Chippendale,

Samples of the kind of stuff I can take off your plate…

We’re here primarily to help people implement the kind of online business building strategies that I teach here at the Blog Marketing Academy. We’re here to help get the pesky tech crap out of the way… so you can move on with business.

Here’s some examples of the kinds of things this service is right for…

  • Putting a custom opt-in form into a specific location (or building that form to begin with)
  • Helping design a landing page or squeeze page to build your list
  • Making your homepage look more professional
  • Setting up a membership site dashboard or customizing training lesson pages
  • Moving your site to another web host
  • Helping to set up membership site software, order pages, funnels
  • Helping to get things integrated and streamlined between different systems
  • Setting up order processing, backend systems
  • Making tweaks to your WordPress theme
  • Setting up marketing automation systems

Let Me Help You Make Your Business Work

Wordpress is awesome. You can pretty much make it do anything. Almost anything will plug into it. That’s why you’re building your site with it.

You can build great membership sites on top of Wordpress, complete with online communities and course libraries.

You can make it work beautifully with your marketing automation platform or CRM.

You can make it work nicely with your backend systems, your shopping cart, all of it.

Even cooler is that, in most cases, there’s no custom coding needed. In fact, I try to avoid it. But, you still need to know how to connect it all.

You need to design the “flows” and the automation sequences. You need to be able to make the various tools and plug-ins “talk” to each other properly.

And thing is…

You can’t just think like a developer. No… because it comes down to the user experience. It comes down to real marketing and conversion. For somebody to help put these systems together, they need to have that skill and experience of being able to understand not only the tech, but also the human psychology so that we can make the tech simply fuel the marketing and scale YOU up.

It is what I do in my own business… and it is what I can (maybe) help you do, too.

I have built four websites. All were crap. When I decided to build a new website to move my online course content onto, I knew I needed help. But I was nervous. I have hired techies in the past and it just never went well. The problem is, I’m not a techie. It’s not my area of expertise. I don’t speak the lingo. Getting a site built that was functional, visually pleasing and within my capabilities to manage seemed like a big ask.

I have been a member of the Blog Marketing Academy and I always appreciated David Risley’s straight-goods approach to coaching. So, I decided to reach out and seek his advice. How do you go about finding trustworthy, affordable technical support? Imagine my surprise and gratitude when David offered to help.

In the end, I got just what I wanted – a conversion-based, mobile responsive website that I can manage on my own. I cannot stress what a huge endeavor this has been for me. Tech stuff scares the beejeesus out of me! When I got anxious, David made it easy. When I got stuck, David coached me through it. David Risley made the impossible possible. As a result, I now have a website I can be proud of.

I would highly recommend David Risley to anyone who wants to get free of the fear and frustration that comes with being a non-techie in the online world of business. If you’re struggling to find technical support, look no further. David Risley is a clear, credible and responsive coach. He’s also a very nice guy!

I plan to continue to call upon his expertise in helping me to build my online business.
Wendie Webber
My website and membership site had become so filled with problems I decided to press the “reset button” and start over again. However, what I didn’t know was whether I should start from scratch and redo both sites or try and repair the existing sites. I scheduled a meeting with Dave and within a few short minutes he knew exactly what to do. He strongly believed I should not start over. We established a plan based on Dave’s recommendations that’s worked beautifully.

Now my website and membership site have been separated, and the membership site was upgraded to the new Buddyboss platform and theme.

In the first couple days he reduced the site’s footprint to make it faster, created a new subdomain for the membership site and separated it from the main website, streamlined and simplified both sites utilizing Thrive Themes, changed and improved hosting, and many other things.

I’m already receiving compliments from my members about how great it looks and how much easier it is to navigate. And my main site is ready to support important marketing campaigns coming soon. There is plenty of work to do to keep improving both sites, but now it’s possible, I have a clear direction and both sites work!

I could never have done this work without Dave. A thousand thank-yous, Dave!”
Chuck Gilmore
I really enjoyed your June 28th video and article on security plugins. You are such an excellent communicator! I appreciate your attention to detail in explaining the ins and outs of protecting a website. Watching the video and reading the article reminded me again of why I trust you to work on my sites. Your honest, intelligent, and you have your client’s best interest at heart. Additionally, you know how to explain things clearly and practically. You are able to strike a rare balance between handling all the geeky technical stuff and explaining issues in a way that empowers your clients to do better.
Greg Hamlin
I first met David about ten years ago. He stood out to me because I always found him to be an extremely honest, nice guy who really knows wordpress and the blogging for business models. I trust him 100% on these subjects. Every time we have worked together it has been helpful. He always responds quickly and we solve whatever needs solving. I personally wouldn’t even try to have a wordpress based business without his help. I have gotten to know him pretty well during all this time and continue to be grateful for his WP knowledge and kindness-based approach to life. I do not hesitate to recommend David fully and I simply would not do that with a lot of internet marketers because I think they are a tad sleazy.
Lorraine Grula

If You’d Like To Have My Help, Here’s How It Works

There are no contracts. No “free strategy calls” where I’m going to then try to sell you on a multi-thousand dollar project.

I like to keep things flexible – both for you and for me.

So, I work on a simple credit system. Service credits can be used either for strategy calls or tech service… this way we can even schedule a call together to discuss your project if you need to. You will be creating an account here with the Blog Marketing Academy and credits will be on your account.

Credits do not expire. Roughly speaking, a credit is equal to about an hour of work. But, keep in mind… I can work pretty fast here. An hour by me isn’t the same as an hour by somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

With credits on your account, too, you can log into your account and submit a tech request any time. This is all jobs-based. No weird monthly contracts or ongoing maintenance plans. I mean, if you really need that, let me know and we can talk. But, it just isn’t my primary business model.

Are We A Fit?

This service is not really intended to get into a big, expensive, long-term thing. There’s a good chance that works out well for you, too. :) But, for me, it also comes down to the fact that… well…

I have a business to run, too. I don’t run an agency. I am offering this service because I’ve had many people ask me for it and I’d be a fool not to listen to that. But, I’m not looking to build up a big agency around this kind of thing.

So, a few things I think will be most helpful for us to work together on your project are:

  • Don’t be in a massive hurry. We’ll try to get the job done as quick as possible, but if you’re expecting instant service, don’t bother. This service isn’t our bread and butter. Teaching is.
  • Don’t be an asshole. I’m sure you know what I mean. I like to work with cool people, based on mutual respect.
  • Be open to suggestions. Remember, I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve generated millions of dollars online. Work done here is going to be based on that experience. If something I suggest is a little different than what you told me, you should be open to it.

I know. Weird criteria. But, just keepin’ it real.

My promise to you is that this will be nice and personal. No big corporate stuff. I will also listen to you and your needs…. and my aim is never to force you into the tools I prefer. And lastly, in the unlikely event that I think I cannot help you with your project, I’ll simply refund your money and we’ll part ways as friends. No biggie.


Alright, here’s how to get the ball rolling…