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Welcome to the How To Step Into Your A Game course, formerly known as Time Master Formula.

A course on time management and getting more done. This course is a little different than the usual fare here at the Academy. Applying this data to your life and business will introduce order and reduce overwhelm, allowing you to focus more on expansion of your business.

Often our biggest barrier to progress is ourselves.

Throughout my career here helping people just like you build and grow blogs and businesses, I have found there to be a friction.

It is this force which seems to get in the way. The symptoms are overwhelm and confusion. Feeling like you don’t have enough time. Feeling like there are too many distractions.

And let’s face it…

Growing an online business is a big project. And we have lives to live. So, it is an important preliminary step to re-evaluate a few things, make some changes and free things up to give you that extra bandwidth you’re going to need to achieve the big win.

We’ve Got To Grow Before Our Business Does

It really is sort of inconvenient when you think about it, but this is just the reality of being a solopreneur. It is all up to us. There’s nobody there to hold your feet to the fire, in most cases. There’s no staff sitting there to hold you accountable to anybody else.

There’s only you. You can be your own boss… or your own worse enemy. And often the deciding factor is simply found in your personal daily habits.

A Course To Help You Grow Your Online Business…. By Not Talking At All About Online Business

This training is the most unique training I have ever done. We’re not talking about your blog, your traffic, your business. We’re talking about… you.

Together, we’re going to put together a system to help you get things done in a managed, structured way that you feel great about.

We’re also going to look at your daily life. We’re going to talk about your environment, information overload, the effects of negative people around you. We’re going to talk about minimalism. Yes, we’re also going to talk about productivity, time management and some tools I personally use to help in my own life.

We’re also going to start the whole thing off with what I call “the reboot”. This is a series of exercises that may seem counter-intuitive, but the feedback from students has always been fantastic. They didn’t see it coming. 🙂

Time To Step Into Your A Game

My goal is that you are working on all cylinders so that you can be dedicating your full self to your online business.

You’re going to bring your “A Game”. Hence the name. 😉

And I cannot wait to hear about your wins from this course. My students are always surprised about the changes they notice and the realizations they have as they go through this. I can’t wait for you to have those same realizations.