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How To Use A Webinar To Build Your List In A Massive Way (Episode #83)

We’ve talked alot about using a traditional lead magnet to build your list. But, there is another way. And it could even be more effective.

And that’s webinars. Webinars aren’t just a way to make a sales presentation… they also work very well to build your list. In this episode, you’ll learn:
– The psychological reason why webinars (or live events) work so well to create a bond between you and your subscriber.
– GotoWebinar versus Google Hangouts
– How to get people to register for a webinar AND join your list at the same time
– The “no prep” webinar that you can do immediately without any prep work.

I encourage you to give a webinar a try. And record everything. You’re gaining massive leverage by doing so!

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