5 Tricks To Get More Done In Less Time

In order to succeed as you build your online business, one of those skills you have to get good at (and will always be improving) is productivity. Getting more done in less time. In this episode, David shares 5 strategies he uses to get more done. He talks about how he structures his own day, and he also talks about some points of attitude that are successful to put yourself in the driver’s seat on how your most valuable resource is spent.

Episode #26 | Episode Date: April 23, 2014

One of the reasons that growing an online business can be pretty difficult for some people is because it has a lot of other things piggy-backing along with it. Things like productivity, personal development, etc.


Because there’s no buffer from yourself. If you have a day job, then you are sitting in a controlled environment of somebody else’s making, doing tasks they defined for you, on a schedule they defined. And, if you don’t get them done, you have the threat of being fired.

When you’re on your own, you don’t have any of that. Nobody can fire you from your own business. The environmental control is completely up to you. Your schedule and tasks is up to you, too.

Self discipline and self-defined structure are highly important – and this is a huge reason why it is the tigers who make it. Weak-minded people who can’t seem to control themselves don’t usually get that far in this business.

On that note, episode 26 of The Blog Program talks about productivity. Namely… 5 Tricks To Get More Done In Less Time.

In episode 26, you’ll learn about…

  • How I personally structure my day
  • Why I use a timer
  • The key to getting more done during production time
  • The brain-dead simple tactic that all the productivity gurus seem to dance around
  • Why you need to be a “ruthless son of a bitch” (probably not what you think I mean there 😉 )

In this episode, I talk about my daily template that I keep inside of Evernote. Here’s a screenshot of it:


Now, this is what I use. It doesn’t mean you have to copy me. Just take the concept and adapt it to what works for you. My system is always changing, and I expect you will find the same.