Need A Trustworthy Service Provider To Help You With Your Site... But Hate The Thought Of Getting Stuck In Fiverr or Upwork Hell?

From the desk of David Risley, founder of the Academy...

Tech is a "necessary evil" of starting up an online business. Actually, it isn't an evil at all because it is that geeky stuff which allows us to run 24/7 businesses, be location independent, and truly run the kind of business we want.

But, that tech can be frustrating. Especially when you're just not a natural nerd.

Unfortunately, the "do it yourself" route ends up becoming a major roadblock to people. An entire business can be held back because you don't know how to pull off the tech stuff.

Or you waste so much time trying to do it yourself that your business never works.

Maybe we can help.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Can't find anybody good on Fiverr or Upwork, or don't know who you can trust?
  • Tired of those monthly support services who decline your job, saying it doesn't fall within the scope of their service?
  • You're not even exactly sure what you need. You need somebody with experience and judgement to step in and help... and finding somebody you can trust seems impossible (or too expensive).
  • Don't know who to hire for that job you need help with, but it is too large for Fiverr and too small for a qualified consultant?

The backstory of why this page even exists at all...

Here at the Blog Marketing Academy, I've been teaching the world of blogging and online business for almost a decade now. I've worked with thousands of people, but it has always been as a teacher. My primary job here is and always will be... teaching and coaching.

But, it happens all the time...

I show people what to do and how to do it, but then in some cases actually doing it still proves difficult. It is literally overwhelm with all the different tools out there, all the recommendations... all the "shiny objects".

Plus, there's the inevitable need to do some little thing with CSS, HTML or PHP.

If my job is to enable my customers to achieve a real, measurable outcome with their online business, then solving this issue of tech was something I needed to do.

Because one of the most common questions I get asked is...

"Hey, Dave, do you know or can you recommend somebody who can do _________?

I was tired of not having a good answer.

It isn't as if I have a massive rolodex of service providers to hand to people. And, even if I did, how do I know they're any good unless I've used them myself? People TRUST my recommendations. I can't turn my customers over to a third-party provider willy nilly.

I can recommend tools - and I do. But, to truly SOLVE this problem for people, I needed to back it up with some kind of option to simply DO THE WORK.

Sending them out into the "wild wild west" of trying to find somebody to do these little things for them was basically sending them into a confusion.

I needed something better.

Get A Helping Hand With The "Tech Stuff" Without The Headache

I am in the middle of putting together a little agency component of the Blog Marketing Academy. Between my own technical experience (which is fairly large) and a team that I am building, we're going to begin to directly take care of the technical needs of our customers.

Here's what this means...

If you need help actually executing the tech part of anything we teach in our training, we'll do it.

You won't need to go out and try to find some clueless third-party provider to do it. I know what I taught. I know what works. Now, we'll just do it for you so you can get on with things in your business.

Samples of the kind of stuff
we can take off your plate...

We're here primarily to help people implement the kind of online business building strategies that I teach here at the Blog Marketing Academy. We're here to help get the pesky tech crap out of the way... so you can move on with business.

Here's some examples of the kinds of things this service is right for...​

  • Putting a custom opt-in form into a specific location (or building that form to begin with)
  • Helping design a landing page or squeeze page to build your list
  • Making your homepage look more professional
  • Setting up a membership site dashboard or customizing training lesson pages
  • Helping to set up membership site software, order pages, funnels
  • Helping to get things integrated and streamlined between different systems
  • Setting up order processing, backend systems
  • Making tweaks to your WordPress theme
  • Setting up marketing automation systems

And because we TEACH online marketing and I've been doing it for years now, the work done on your site will be done according to best practices for conversion and sales. I can even offer marketing advice on the task before it is done, as needed.

After several frustrating hours of trying to move my primary Wordpress navigation to where I wanted it, I gave up reached out David to see ask if he offered any direct assistance for such things. Fortunately, he was able to work me into his schedule. In a matter of minutes he not only fixed the navigation issue, but also identified a number of additional issues and fixed those, too. David was incredibly timely, highly responsive, and went out of his way to make sure that my membership site was configured for an optimal user experience.

Jassen Bowman

Right people... for the right job...

One thing that can also be frustrating out there in the "wild wild west" of developers and designers is big, thick walls around their skill sets.

For instance, a graphic designer can make things look great, but they usually suck at marketing and couldn't help you with conversions.

Or a web developer might be able to program like there's no tomorrow, but knows nothing about best practices, what works in terms of marketing, or the various options out there in terms of plugins. And very often, you'll find that web developers have pretty strong opinions as to what software is good or bad... yet it is mostly based only on what they're personally familiar with. You'd be floored at the number of "developers" I've seen say WordPress isn't a serious piece of software for running a business or website. Excuse me? Idiots.

It helps to have somebody in your corner. Somebody who isn't arrogant to tell you that one plug-in is the only way to go because all the others suck. Somebody who knows the field well enough to actually give solid recommendations that fit YOUR business, not limited by lack of knowledge or the desire to upsell you into something you don't need.

I actually have no desire for you to be dependent on me. I just want you to get the tech stuff dealt with so you can work on your business. Clearly, the Blog Marketing Academy is about helping build businesses around your blog. That's my core mission here... not techie crap.

My goal is to help you take the shortest possible path to being as profitable as you can.

And, yes, some techie stuff is necessary for that.

And I'm presenting me and my company as an option to help you alleviate the hassle.

Working with Dave was great! I'm not very tech savvy, but Dave was able to answer my questions, fix the issues with my website quickly and the response time on the project was very fast.

Having been a member of BMA for over a year now, it was a relief to be able to get the technical help I needed with my website without having to outsource it to someone I didn't know and hope for the best. Dave was quick to respond and got the job done quickly and professionally. I will definitely be using this service again!

Michelle Brown

Here's How This Will Work...

This is not some monthly support service. At the same time, this is not a custom shop where you have to request an estimate and we do this big back-and-forth on it. I like to keep things simple.

So, we start off with a flat rate of just $75. That purchase will cover most any job that could be pulled off in an hour or less. And keep in mind, we work fast. This isn't amateur hour around here. A lot can get done in an hour. Plus, I'm allowing for the inevitable back-and-forth that will be needed to clarify the job, exchange logins, etc.

My policy isn't to nickel and dime on minutes here. If the job takes a little over an hour... fine. No biggie. If it happened a lot faster than originally thought... I'll probably even hit you up to see if you have anything else you'd like me to "throw in". I like to over-deliver. It's just good karma.

If the job you request will obviously be a larger job, there are two potential outcomes. #1 - I'll give you an estimate and you'll purchase the remaining time upfront, or I'll invoice you via Paypal. Or... #2 - I simply decline the job and I'll refund your money and we part as friends.

One more thing...

This isn't a guarantee that I will personally perform the work for you. I might, depending on what's going on. But, I am actively working to put a trusted team together for this.

One thing I can guarantee you is that even if another person on my team does the work, I will be involved to make sure it happens right.

The whole point of this is to be able to help my students solve their tech constraints without having to go out into the void of the Internet to find a service provider they don't even know. So, I will be ensuring everything is done right and according to what works best. Even if the actual work is done by another person.

I have 3 Rules In Order To Use This Service:

  • Don't be in a massive hurry. We'll try to get the job done as quick as possible, but if you're expecting instant service, don't bother. This service isn't our bread and butter. Teaching is.
  • Don't be an asshole. I'm sure you know what I mean. I like to work with cool people, based on mutual respect.
  • Be open to suggestions. Remember, I've been doing this a long time and I've generated millions of dollars online. Work done here is going to be based on that experience. If something I suggest is a little different than what you told me, you should be open to it.

Let's Get Started

You will pay $75 now to add one service credit to your account. If the scope of the work requires more, you will be given an estimate and have the opportunity to move forward. If you choose not to, the $75 will be fully refunded.

If you have any questions, just smack that blue button in the lower corner to get in touch with us.