Get Your Site Built In A Day.
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Perfect for the beginner or solopreneur just getting started.

Website In A Day Is Right For You If…

  • You’re embarrassed that you have no website yet.
  • Your “website” is just a placeholder and you know it looks like hell.
  • Your website makes your business look unprofessional
  • Your website is literally not doing your business any good.
  • You’ve been wasting way too much time trying to do it yourself (when you know you shouldn’t be 😉 )
  • You want to quickly get the ball rolling on a new idea.
  • You just want to get it done.
  • You want to have something relatively custom.

The Website In A Day service is designed to make things simple, easy… and fast.

It is based on the simple truth that most websites out there share the same basic pages and functions. Especially when it comes to WordPress, we’re not exactly re-inventing the wheel here every time.

Thing is, I have found that too many website designers charge pretty large amounts of money for this stuff. They’ll charge thousands of dollars for something that is actually pretty quick to build. It is almost as if they’re counting on you to think this stuff is way more complex and customized than it actually is.

I’ve decided not to do that.

You can have me build your site and get your web presence online for as little as $699.

For many small business websites, that’s really all that would be needed.

Also, unlike some others I’ve seen out there, I’m not going to build your site on some paid service like SquareSpace or Wix. No, I want your website to be something you own and control and can take anywhere you want. I call it “digital sovereignty”. So, we’ll be using WordPress. The site will be your’s. And you can take it to any hosting you want (or have us host it, if you like).

Here’s How Website In A Day Works…

We start off with the core, basic small business website. And then depending on what extra features you may need, you can put add-ons onto it. And for more custom stuff, we can talk about that, too.

Here’s the basics…

  • A template-based website (you choose the one you like).
  • We’ll make minor customizations and changes to the site as you request.
  • The site will include 4-6 pages to start (usually Home, About, Services, Contact, etc.)
  • The blog will be ready to go (or we can hide it if you’re not ready for a blog yet)
  • No extra theme or plugin license fees required. We’ll cover it and it is included for you.
  • Built on WordPress, which means you own and control it. You won’t be locked into any proprietary services like SquareSpace. You won’t be tied to me, either. It is your’s to do with what you please.

You will have a great-looking website that makes you and your business look fantastic. For many small businesses, that’s all that is needed. And if you need special features, we can add those things on.

When you book Website In A Day, here’s how it will work:

  • You book the service.
  • I’ll send you a welcome packet. This will include some information on how to prepare things so that your site can be built according to the needs of your specific business or project.
  • You will go through my Website Wizard to bring in the content that you will want on your website.
  • You will book a day which you and I will both dedicate to the build-out of your site. We’ll find a day that works for both of us so that we can work together on the details during implementation.
  • On the scheduled day, I will build your site for you. We will speak in a Zoom session to fine-tune things so that the site fits your needs. And we’ll be in touch in a private Slack room during the day so things can be fine-tuned as we go.
  • By the end of the day, your website will be online and ready to go.

Add-On Features

The core Website In A Day service is meant for a standard small business website with a contact page. For some, that’s just all you need. But, there are add-ons to this core service you can optionally add to the mix. Such as:

  • Appointment Scheduler (Great for coaches, service providers)
  • Email List Core Setup (for list building and growing your email list)
  • Online Course Area (if you intend to have courses on your website)
  • Membership / Client Access Setup (including member login, account management, basic content protection)
  • Ecommerce / Sales (basic setup of software to sell memberships, services, products on your site)
  • Social Feed / Chat / Reviews (Bring in social reviews of your business, ability to collect/display testimonials on site)

Here’s the way add-ons work…

You will be able to book the basic setup of these site features when you sign up for the service. The basic functionality will be set up for you using the best plugins needed. We’ll perform the core setup as needed, then it will be up to you to set it up the way you want. If you want my help with those details, you can use Anytime Credits to have that more detailed work done.

OK, Let’s Take Questions…

Obviously, every site is different. And in my business, I often deal with fairly complex websites with membership site functionality, selling information products, large blogs and more. If you need more extensive stuff like that, I can certainly help you do it.

The core Website In A Day service is basically a way to provide a simple, predictable service to people who just need a typical small business website. The add-ons are ways to add additional functionality, but from there there may be extra custom work required.

During our scheduled build day, we’ll work together to make basic customizations to the website. While we will start with a pre-designed template, you’re certainly not stuck with it.

But, for more extensive custom work, I make use of Anytime Credits. You will add credits to your account and a credit is equivalent to roughly an hour of hands-on time working on your site. And during that time, we can work on any site customizations or unique features that I’m capable of building for you.

We can certainly host your site for you and make this as hands-off and easy as things can possibly be. We can talk about that. However, this core Website In A Day service does not include hosting.

You can pick whatever web host you want, or I can give you my recommendations. The site will be built on my server… then we will migrate it to your hosting upon completion.

This service will include a license for the theme as well as the forms plugin for your contact form. In almost all cases, we will use Kadence Theme and Fluent Forms. You will have lifetime updates to this software included with the service and there’s no need for you to purchase them on your own.

For other plugins we use, I will install them but it will be up to you to license the software for future upgrades. Or you can enroll in Concierge service and I will keep everything updated for you. That’s 100% optional. I definitely encourage you to keep things updated moving forward. It’s just a matter of whether you’d like to be in the driver’s seat on that or have me take care of it.

You will need to provide your own domain. I’m happy to help you choose one. I generally recommend to buy domains, but you can use any domain registrar you want. If you already have your domain chosen and ready to use, then we’re good to go.

Ideally, you’ll have a logo already. However, if you don’t have one, I can help you put a basic one together to get you started. Just know that I’m not “the branding guy” and I don’t hold myself up as any kind of graphic design master. I also happen to think that the best logos are simple and mostly text. So, with that in mind, I’m happy to help you put together a simple, workable and brandable logo to get started.

Overall, it will be up to you to write and/or guide what you want on your site. I can assist with the content to a degree, but overall that’s your department. 🙂 In the leadup to our scheduled build-out day, you will have time to write the content for the core pages (with some guidance from me in pre-recorded video & articles). If it helps, I can also use some of the AI tools to “massage” it, combined with my own extensive background in copy and content creation. But, just keep in mind… I’m not the “expert” in your business. I cannot write as you. So, overall, you will need to be responsible for the content on your pages. But, I’m here to facilitate and guide you in the process.

You will be providing me any photos and images you want on your site. Any stock photos we choose to use will be included in the service. I will also make sure images are optimized and tweaked for usage on your brand new website so your site continues to load quickly.

Likely not, but we shall see. Chances are, I will also have other things going on in the same day. But, the idea is that when you book your buildout day, then you will be the main priority for that day. While I may have some other things to also deal with, you and I will be in pretty consistent touch throughout the day while we get things fine-tuned with your new website. It may not take the entire day, but we shall see.

Once you book the service, we will need to collect information from you so that the site can be tailored to your needs. Once that is done, we’ll book the build day. If you are pretty much ready with your content, things will go a lot faster. If we need to spend a little time getting things together first, that’s fine.

So, how fast this goes will depend highly on your responsive and fast you are. Then, of course, our availability because it ideally will be a day both you and I can be pretty accessible to put attention on your site.

OK, How Much?

The idea of this offer is to provide a simple, productized service with upfront cost for people who are just spinning up a new website and don’t want a bunch of complexity.

You book it. We collect the info info. We book a day. And we build your site together. Nice and simple.

The starting point for Website In A Day is only $650.

If you need additional features, those will be paid add-ons. If you purchase any of those, it will include the setup of the plugins and the basic “plumbing”. But, to get your site on the calendar, you only need to book the core service.

The goal is that… at the end of our scheduled day together, your site is ready to go. A fully operational minimum viable product that is then ready for you to improve and grow.

Alright, are you ready to get your site online? Are you ready to give your business a professional presence online that will actually serve as a marketing tool for you?

Then, let’s get you booked in Website In A Day.

Here’s how to get the ball rolling…