How To Start A Podcast: An In-Depth Guide From Planning to Launch Day

Ever thought about starting a podcast? Been a little freaked out about the logistics of doing it?

I was, too. But, then I tackled it and I’m super glad I did. I launched The Blog Program and, while I’m only 3 episodes in (as of this writing), it is going pretty dang well so far.

So, while I’m still learning as I go with this new medium, I have successfully LAUNCHED the podcast. So, I thought I would tell you how to do the same.

  • Frank says:

    I’ve been trying to submit my podcast into iTunes as well, but I haven’t heard back from Apple yet.  Apparently, you’re suppose to get a confirmation email when you submit, but I never received that.  I really hope my podcast gets accepted because I have a lot of valuable interviews to share.  The one we did a while back is on there too!

    • David Risley says:

      Did you verify everything was working properly (in terms of the RSS feed) before submitting it?

      And, how long has it been? I heard back from Apple within 24 hours when I submitted mine.

      • Frank says:

        Yes, I did verify everything.  The RSS feed was working perfectly.  I did contact Apple so hopefully they respond to me and let me know what the issue is.  This has happened before when I’ve tried in the past.  It’s very frustrating because I’ve never heard anyone else having problems.

        • Podcastcoach says:

          It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks to be seen in iTunes. Be patient. It sounds like you did everything correctly.

          • Frank says:

            Thanks for the heads up!  I actually finally was accepted into iTunes not too long ago.  I actually had to recreate the feed and once I submitted it, everything worked smoothly.  I appreciate the help. 

  • mikec says:

    Just posted this to our Facebook page. Will study it soon. Thank you

  • lorrainegrula says:

    David, this is an incredible post.  I am speechless which is rare for this normally verbose gal indeed.   Posts like this are why they invented the “bookmark” button.  Thanks. 

  • Good guide, I shared it with my social media friends. Waiting for episode 4.

  • steveborgman says:

    David, thanks much.  This is one of my goals for 2012.  And having it all laid out (the art and science of podcasting) in one fine post is going to help me learn to do as I get this going.  Thanks for the incredible value!

  • says:

    Thanks for this nice tutorial! Very useful, indeed!

  • Podcastcoach says:

    Great post, and I’m loving the podcast. You mentioned Libsyn, if you use sopfree as a promo code you get a free month of hosting. I’m so glad you were new and notable with one episode. There was a myth that you needed at least three episodes and you crushed that fact. Another tip on the name of the podcast is don’t get “cute.” My podcast was originally called the Morning announcements (to go with the School of Podcasting). The problem is this is many times the first things people see, and if they don’t know you – they don’t know you’re being cute. In my case “the Morning Announcements” makes me think its something about School (not podcasting). Another great tips is get to the point. You do a good job of this. So many people make their episodes about them (and their kids, etc). This is good info for people to get to know you AFTER you’ve provided the “meat” of your episode. Think about the news “Our top story tonight is…” So always start with your best stuff. The episode is ALWAYS about them – how it will help make them laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertain them. I’ve never had someone say, “You get to the point too quick.”

  • Rich Brooks says:

    I was pestering Jaime Tardy about all these technical questions about starting a podcast until she was finally, “why don’t you just go over to David Risley’s blog…he’s put a whole post together on it.”

    So I did. 

    Fantastic post. Probably saved me at least a dozen hours and a lot of frustration. I’ll check out Cliff’s post as well.

    I just signed up for the podcast, and I’ll be signing up for your blog, next.

    Great work!

  • Dmlittle03 says:

    Great information. You really helped to motovate me to start a podcast. I like your idea of having episodes ahead of time because my fear is that I will run out of things to say.


  • Carl Picot says:

    Hey David

    Theres more info in this post than some products that I have bought !!

    A very cool step by step approach to recording and posting podcasts for maximum effect.

    I will be following these steps and will let you know how I get on 🙂

    cheers Carl

  • Candice says:

    Hi David. Thanks for this step by step guide. Wondering what settings you are using on the Xenyx mixer to achieve that great sound (EQ/FX/FAN)? And is there anything special you to do the audio once in Garageband?

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