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7 Tips For Turning A Service Offer Into A Product And Scaling (Episode #160)

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Do you run a service business? Are you a consultant or a coach?

If so, then you’ve likely thought about the issue of how to scale. The idea of trading time for money is something many people grow allergic to. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, however every service provider eventually starts to look ahead at how to evolve the business beyond that.

How can you scale a service business? How can you turn it into a product? How can you begin to set things up so that it isn’t simply a trade between time and money?

In this episode of Coffee Break, I’m talking specifically to people who run service businesses. We’ll be discussing 7 specific strategies to begin executing so that you can begin to scale a time-based business.

This isn’t a transition one just jumps into. And I’m not going to recommend you just jump into the world of membership sites and online course creation. There are certain systemic things you need to be doing internally to strategically AIM your business toward more systematization and productization.

It is a myth that the kind of marketing and revenue generation strategies we discuss around the Blog Marketing Academy somehow don’t apply to service businesses. They most certainly do.


  1. Adrian S says:

    This was incredibly helpful, David. And very timely! Exactly what I needed right now.
    Will discuss further over in the Lab.


    1. David Risley says:

      Glad you found it useful. 🙂

  2. This was an absolutely fantastic episode! I rarely listen to entire podcasts but you made very valid and useful points the entire way through. I am actually in the process of productizing some of my services (attempting to focus on email marketing & social media campaigns). I am getting a lot of good feedback. Right now, I am working on standardizing forms I can give to clients so they can basically fill out and leave the rest to me. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for new, small business owners who are already overwhelmed. Thanks for the great tips! You gave me some good things to think about.

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